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Don't know what to do

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Wonderstuff Tue 22-Sep-09 08:36:21

Dropped dd off this morning, week 3 of new nursery. Chaos really. 3 kids eating breakfast, a couple others playing 2 other parents with children. 1 member of staff, who popped out for a minute (prob less than minute) leaving no member of staff in room. Could see a few in the garden, assuming there was a memeber of staff there. They don't seem to have a set routine, it always seems a bit unclear in the morning who is doing what. Staff are lovely, but dd hasn't slept during the day there yet and so is very grumpy and tired when she gets home, and I am worried about mornings. They do an hourly rate, which seems great because it works out cheaper, but means people coming and going at all times and no routine.

DD is nearly 2. We recently changed nursery as job change made old one impracticle. At last place, arrived, popped her at table where staff member was doing breakfast. She was always happy to leave me, knew routine. But feel uneasy here. What to do? Best get to work..

purplepansy Tue 22-Sep-09 09:34:24

Sounds a nightmare, and unlikely that they are legal wuth their ratios. I wouldn't leave my child there from what you've described. My kids have thrived at nurseries with a set routine, where staff are there to greet them as they arrive, and the atmosphere is calm - but I think you prob know that already wink. May be cheap but cheap doesn't always = good in childcare - good, well looked after staff mean happy children.
I'd be looking for somewhere else.

Wonderstuff Tue 22-Sep-09 14:01:52

When I visited and did settling in visits I was really happy. When I pick her up she seems happy and all is calm. Just mornings worry me, it feels like rather than get in early and set up they arrive with the kids. I chose it because it had the best ofsted of the two nurseries close to work. Ofsted did pick up concern over times when children were left waiting while staff got organised.

I don't feel I have much choice but to stick it out for a while.. We are moving house and dh has new job. Maybe I'll go and have a chat with staff...

jaz2 Tue 22-Sep-09 14:15:50

Definitely check with the staff what is happening - voice your anxieties - and raise staff ratios with the manager.

Despite there being a routine at DS's nursery, it always is a bit chaotic first thing in the morning: some children having breakfast, others playing etc. But they can always tell me what the plan is for the morning. If the care works on an hourly basis it is bound to be more chaotic.

If you feel uneasy then you need to consider your childs safety. Whilst a happy child is a good sign, I'd never feel comfortable knowing there were safety risks - and leaving children alone is unacceptable, even for a minute.

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