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family vs nursery care, pros and cons please!

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SevernTrentWater Mon 21-Sep-09 19:44:46

i've got a newborn baby, i dont have rights to maternity leave and as a single mum need to get back to work. the local nursery takes them from 6 weeks and has excellent ofsted ratings, the girls there seem competant and enjoyed hugging dd, she'll be in there four days full time a week. However, the other option for me is to give her to my mum 3 days a week, and my nan 1 day a week, they are very baby orientated people, natural mothers and are willing to take her if i wantto do overtime etc. i don't know whether to put her into nursery or rely on their kindness until she's seven months and i'll need to relocate. pros and cons please!

JiminyCricket Mon 21-Sep-09 20:03:31

family care is probably more suited to a younger baby; ime there can be quite a lot of guilt about leaving a young baby in childcare (or an older one for that matter. Mine went from 6 months and 9 months respectively, and if I was doing it again I might delay it for longer. Don't expect family members to necessarily work to your rules or ideas. Are you sure you have explored every other option? From the best of bad options I would say family care (tho your family sound lovely), but for the best she needs you (and you need her). Hope it works out.

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