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Day in lieu if child is sent home?

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CheerfulSoul Thu 17-Sep-09 19:13:26

My nursery sent my ds home today, half an hour after my dh dropped him. They said he had impetigo. I told them he'd seen the pharmacist, who said he had a slight infection and gave me a cream. Never-the-less we had to collect him at 9.30am. Finally saw the doc at 5pm who said exactly the same as the pharmacist. It's just an infection, not contagious, and gave me a slightly stronger cream.

I'm trying hard not to be angry. I had to miss an important meeting and my boss was not best pleased. But the nursery were just doing what they had to.

I might have to make up the hours at work, so ds will need an additional days care at some point. Can I ask nursery to give me a day in lieu?

Hulababy Thu 17-Sep-09 19:15:57

You can ask.

However IME I wouldn't have thought this was something they'd agree too. As you say yourself they were just doing their job. And although your child was absent, even at their request, they still had to pay for thei own overheads. Equally, on a nother day it may not be possible due to child:staff rations, etc.

LIZS Thu 17-Sep-09 19:16:21

You cna ask but I'd be surprised if they agreed. Check your contract re illness but if another child had a potentially contagious condition you'd probably prefer them to be sent home to prevent your child catching it too.

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