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Any Recent Experience of Active Learning in West Hampstead?

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NicciG Thu 17-Sep-09 14:45:03

Hi there, I'm considering changing my daughter's nursery. She's 16 months and very happy at the one she is at. The staff are lovely but I've always thought that the room there for the 2-5 year olds seems a bit unstructured and I would move her when she turns two. However I want to change her days due to work and while her current nursery don't have any space on that day, Active Learning do. I had originally rejected them as being too expensive but I think they do provide a better structure at 2+ so was thinking that I might as well move her now when they have the days available that I want.

I know their recent ofsted report wasn't great - probably why there is now space available - but have been told this was due to some staff being away on the day of inspection. The one person I know who has children there is very happy with it but I wanted to get some other opinions. Thanks

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