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Application for nursery and waiting list

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toja555 Thu 10-Sep-09 17:05:43

I found out about one good nursery in my area. Called them, asked if they have vacancies and I could visit. They asked for my address and told they will send me an application form, which I should fill in and then we will discuss visiting time. I was waiting for a week and no application came in.
The next week, I called again, asked for application for again, gave my address and was told they will send it to me immediately. Another week – no form in my post.
The third week, my husband went there (daytime), rang the bell, asked for an application form, the woman gave in a hurry, DH asked about the waiting list and was told there is one until the next year (?).
I would not bothered about the nursery that much especially that my DH is unemployed atm, but this nursery is connected with a good pre-school, so we are ready to wait…
The problem is that the nursery despite of good recommendations seems either not organised or not interested in new children because they don’t have places?
How does it work this waiting list? Is it worth to be on the list? Is there any real chance to get the place?
If you have any experience, could you please share.

LIZS Thu 10-Sep-09 17:24:55

It could well be the beginning of a new year with lots of new children starting (due to older children will be starting school and creating spaces for younger) so they are foucussed (quite rightly) on settling them in rather than prospective ones. Is it privately run ? Whether you move up the list depends on how they prioritise, by age, address, siblings etc and if kids move away mid year but attendance at a nursery or preschool won't necessarily be related and won't guarantee entry to a particular infant school

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