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Presents for staff when leaving nursery - nursery staff what do you think?

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spiralqueen Thu 10-Sep-09 09:46:11

We're moving half way across the country soon and DD will have to leave the nursery where she has been for the last 16mths.

She has loved it there and although it is quite a big nursery all the staff know her and make a big fuss of her. It's been great for us to know she is so happy and well cared for there and we would like to do/get something for the staff to show our appreciation. Unfortunately we don't have vast amounts of money to spend as paying the nursery bill is a bit of a struggle at the moment.

As nursery staff what would you like to get as a thankyou?

threeandcounting Thu 10-Sep-09 23:17:53

A homemade card by your daughter, with what you have said about the nursery would be lovely....and even maybe some choccies....!

I think they would really appreciate being told they are doing such a good job!

I received a lovely birthday card from one little girl today (it said "i love you, thankyou!) and it nearly made me cry!

purepurple Fri 11-Sep-09 07:29:55

I second the card. A handmade card that says nice things gets me every time!
If you can't afford to buy presents for the staff, how about buying a toy for the nursery? Something like a new jigsaw.

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