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Baby struggling to sleep and eat at nursery

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karencmum Wed 09-Sep-09 09:00:07

My daughter started nursery this week and when I collected her they told me she didn't eat very well, or sleep very well. I was made to feel like they were criticising me as a mother, despite me telling them that she sleeps fine at home without any crying. They had put her in a cot in a room with other babies, but will try a pram next time. As for her eating, she wouldn't eat her fruit, but I failed to ask how they attempted to feed her and what the fruit was (and how it was prepared). She doesn't like runny fruit purees. She'd prefer to finger feed with soft fruit pieces. I will tell them these things next time, but I worry that everytime I pick her up, she will be exhausted and hungry, meaning that I will struggle to give her something to eat when we get home before putting her to bed.

She went to a childminder in July for three days and her sleeping and eating were perfect. I want to use this childminder again, but my partner says our daughter needs to toughen up and be able to adjust wherever she is.

Any suggestions about helping the nursery staff to help her to sleep?

campion Wed 09-Sep-09 18:56:46

shock at your partner's comment.

I'm sure the nursery staff weren't criticising you ( they certainly shouldn't have been) - just reporting back truthfully.Babies take time to adjust to new people and situations - life's very new to them.

You do have a say in where your daughter's cared for and you seem in tune with her

HSMM Thu 10-Sep-09 18:32:05

The CM and the nursery should offer the same facilities for your child, so I don't see why it makes any difference which she goes to?

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