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new nursery and a major wobble. (long)

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majorwobble Sun 06-Sep-09 09:37:11

regular name changed because I need to go into detail.

I have just moved across the country to start a new job. Me and DD are living with my mum and DH is back at home trying to sell the house. DD is 2 1/2 and has been at nursery since she was 9 mo and I was worried about moving her. We visited 7 nurseries and in the end it came down to 2- a big one and a small one. I picked the big one because of its location and huge garden.

Settling in day I stayed for an hour. The garden has a secluded bit behind bushes at the top, where there is a tyre swing and some ropes hanging from a tree. They are too high for my DD but a tall 3 year old could get tangled in them. A small girl played on the swing for a good 15 minutes with no staff in sight. They were all dotted around the garden except for about 4 all sat together on the edge of the playground area, and another 2 in the middle of the playground having a chat...

To be fair there was a holiday club going on and perhaps these 2 were with the older kids and not required? I was going to speak to the girl in charge of the room but didn't get a chance.

Went to pick up DD on Friday, her second full day there. All the toddlers were in the garden. I went out and couldn't see her anywhere but they were all in a fenced off area. The staff saw me and looked around for my DD. One said they didn't know where she was shock. A couple of them started looking in the large play equipment and sheds they have. Her keyworker (who I'd spoken to only briefly that morning) said she thought she was inside and went off to look. I'd been to the room first and been told she was outside. By now I was starting to feel really sick.

It could only have been a couple of minutes and I saw her come out of one of the play pieces. She was safe and still inside the fenced area. She didn't have her coat on, so I'd been looking for her coat and not seen her shirt. They said it was warm when they went out, but they'd taken off her vest too so she didn't feel warm to me.

On our way out we met her keyworker coming out with another child. She didn't comment - or say anything else - that we'd found her.

I was upset when I got home so I rang the nursery manager and told him what had happened (leaving out the kw stuff). He sounded concerned, said he would speak to the staff and asked me to go to the office on Monday.

Ordinarily I go with gut, and it is screaming at me that I've made a mistake with this nursery. BUT I am in such turmoil ATM wondering if I've done the right thing in taking this job and moving, and I'm missing my own home and DH, that I don't trust my own judgement. Mum agrees they were out of order but thinks I'd be having a wobble even if I'd picked the smaller nursery, because it isn't the one I'm used to.

DD seems happy enough FWIW and has settled well.

I will see how Monday goes and I've said to DH I'll give it another week before doing anything drastic. I'm also (stupidly) worried about going in Monday because she's the first in and they'll all know I've complained. Am I over-reacting, or am I right in thinking that somebody should have been watching her and known exactly where she was, especially as she is new?

limonchik Sun 06-Sep-09 10:49:06

If she was in a fenced off bit, what exactly is it you were worried about happening while she was out of sight?

bigchris Sun 06-Sep-09 10:51:58

It's early days
I really wouldn't worry just yet
they will be extra careful now because you've flagged it up
hope that helps smile it is a stressful time but it gets better as you get to know the staff more and more

majorwobble Sun 06-Sep-09 12:50:49

I don't know what I was frightened of happening exactly, more that if each kw has got 4 kids to watch surely they ought to know where they are?

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