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Good nurseries/childminders in Canterbury

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kirstykoo Fri 04-Sep-09 18:49:26

Hello again

My husband and I are due to relocate to the South East.

I have put an earlier question in this forum, but now our situation's changed- we have to move in with my parents in Canterbury until we sell our place in Birmingham.

Though my mum and dad can help with our 16 month-old son I'm really nervous about how he'll cope with the change. I need to find a realy good nursery or childminder. I know the Oaks at the university was good. Is it still good?

Can anyone help??

Plus do people know of good playgroups. Or where I can meet other mums.
Thanks for your help.

K x

I'll be working in Maidstone, so need a good nursery for our son 16 months.
I know there are Ofsted's reports which I've started looking at, but there's nothing stronger than word of mouth.
Thanks to the others for the help on other postings about where to live. With one car, we need to be close to train station- which is limiting our options. (Plus hubby only wants half hour train commute.)
Thanks everyone- pretty fraught at the moment

kirstykoo Fri 04-Sep-09 20:37:26

Sorry please ignore 2nd half of this message- thought I'd deleted it

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