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Active Learning/Dicky Birds/Leapfrog - any feedback please?

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berri Thu 27-Aug-09 12:27:17

I'm starting 9mo ds at nursery just one day a week to get him more involved with other babies - we live near Surbiton/Kingston so I'm looking at the above 3.

Finding it so hard to choose one, does anyone have a dc in any of the 3 above? Dicky Birds is in Surbiton, Active Learning is Kingston, and Leapfrog is Thames Ditton.

Any feedback would be great....!

narmada Sat 10-Oct-09 23:24:51

My friend's (13 month old) daughter is at Dicky Birds Surbiton and she says it's brilliant. My DD is at the New Malden Dicky Birds, and I am very happy with it. Can't comment on the other two. Did you choose somewhere in the end?

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