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What age was your little one starting nursery ..

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Shell001 Fri 21-Aug-09 13:53:58


Just had call from nursery manager as i called back in July worried about swine flu and DS1 nearly 2 and DS2 4 months.
I wanted DS1 to start in september and get used to it before i return to work in jan ..
He has trial day on the 4th and was all focused after abit worried about things .. well the call was manager asking if i wanted DS1 to start later on jan as i had concerns with swine flu and she said he is young so december/jan will be fine for him.
He needs to meet children as doesnt have many little friends he sees and is into everything .. so think he should start now ???
had a few worries he gets upset when i leave .. also was worried about the stairs at the nursery and ive just teaching him to come down on bum now but needs one to one help ..
he doesnt have to start now just thought best and gives me two mornings a week to do bits ...
any advise

IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Sat 22-Aug-09 11:33:40

I would go with your original plans. Both of my ds's have had colds and snuffles when they first started nursery and it'd be good to get that out of the way before you go back to work.

They all have phases of getting upset when you leave - a good nursery will be very used to dealing with this and won't worry how many times you phone to check up on your lo's

About the stairs - I wouldn't expect any 2 year olds to be by themselves on the stairs, but you can double check to ease your worries.

Good luck!

dontrunwithscissors Sat 22-Aug-09 14:02:26

I think if there's a big problem with swine flu in September, it will be as bad (if not worse) come January.

Shell001 Wed 26-Aug-09 21:22:45

Yeah i think i may go with plans .. though still not 100% ...
trail morning next week ...

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