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Leaving presents

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cherryapple Wed 19-Aug-09 09:12:39

Hi, my daughter is leaving her current nursery soon, she attends 2 mornings a week.
I am a bit stuck on nursery gifts he thing is she does have a key worker but I feel that everyone looks after her.Should I buy a gift for the key worker and maybe biscuits for everyone or just one gift for all the staff.

Lindax Wed 19-Aug-09 15:28:03

I'm not a big one for these kind of gifts, but think the main sentiment has to be from your dd, if she does not feel anymore attached to key worker than rest of staff then biscuits for all sounds good.

gingernutlover Thu 20-Aug-09 10:26:25

Maybe she could make cards for each member of staff (assume its not lots and lots!) and give them a nice tin of biscuits to share

or - buy a box of wrapped chocolates and put them a few each in a little bag/wrapped in cellophane - wouldnt cost much but would be a little somthing each?

gingernutlover Thu 20-Aug-09 10:28:00

FWIW I dont think the key worker would be upset not to be singled out - however close she may be to your daughter. I work in a school and we really appreciate the nice tin of chocs/biccies to share in the staff room.

pippel Wed 26-Aug-09 09:05:28

at the nursery I work at we get loads of nice things to eat at this time of year, we had cakes a little girl had made yesterday and they were lovely! I wouldnt bother with a present for the key worker, but a book for the room will always be well recived.

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