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Fab nursery keyworkers

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WeedsAndInfidelities Tue 18-Aug-09 19:53:12

Just wanted a positive post on here (am regular namechanger, don't want to be outed to nursery staff in my usual name)

My son is leaving nursery soon and I know they take lots of pictures of the children so I asked if I could have a few to show him when he's older, I do feel sad about him leaving as he can't understand and I suppose I will miss it on his behalf.

Anyway so today I had my usual catch-up with his keyworker and she presented me with a really lovely scrapbook full of pictures of my DS and his little friends - everything was laminated and bound together and it is something really special to keep and show him. I was really touched by this and to be honest surprised by the effort she went to and the time she has taken.

Anyone else got any stories to share?

Megglevache Tue 18-Aug-09 19:55:30

Oh that is so lovely.

I was so impressed with the time and care my ds's keyworker had taken doing the same- and she always gave ds lots of extra work and things to take home of great interest to him that I presented her with vouchers for TopShop (she is a very funky dresser) and she cried she was so happy! grin

I'm hoping dd will have her too!

dizzydixies Tue 18-Aug-09 19:58:13

thats lovely smile I've had to take DD2 out of the fab nursery that DD1 went to and its made me really sad - she starts playgroup tomorrow though so fingers crossed

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