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Mandymoo Fri 27-May-05 20:24:11

DD been at nursery for over a year now and I work 16 hours a week. Was told by a friend today that I could get half the nursery fees paid as I was working 16 hours or more a week. Is this right? DH works too and we have never really looked into whether we were entitled to any help as we just assumed that when dd turned 3 that we would get the vouchers then.

Just thought it was worth finding out as every little bit helps.

Anyway, will await your replies!! XX

coppertop Fri 27-May-05 20:57:26

It sounds as though they were referring to the childcare help that you can get with tax credits. If you are eligible to claim tax credits then it's worth looking into. I think you need a joint income of less than £50,000ish. Sorry I can't remember the exact figure.

Rarrie Sat 28-May-05 12:41:10

Yes, if you both work more than 16 hours a week, and have a total joint income of less than 52k, then you are able to apply for (and hopefully get!) IR support from child tax benefits - which can be up to 75% of nursery costs.

honeypot01 Sat 28-May-05 14:06:14

i thought max income was £30K

NannyL Sun 29-May-05 09:43:48

I also thought it was round the £50kish mark

Fran1 Sun 29-May-05 09:50:46

I think honeypot may be right, cos i am not eligible and we earn under £50000

Rarrie Mon 30-May-05 22:21:01

We earn more than 3oK and we get it!

KatieMac Mon 30-May-05 22:23:59

I think the number of children you have also affects whether you get it.....

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