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14 month old still clingy and cries again when leaving him at Nursery

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Jasperjones Fri 14-Aug-09 08:17:28

I first put my son into nursery at 10 months, at first it was awful he cried everytime. Though he was always happy when I collected him so didn't worry. He stopped crying when I left him a while ago and it really relaxed me but in the last month he has become clingy again and now cries when I leave him. He was always clingy but the nursery changed him which was a relief but now its almost gone back 6 months. He is my first and is left 3 days he has one day with his Dad and the rest with me when I am around he wants me but is always happy with his Dad or both sets of parents. It really is so emotionally draining. Is this normal?

Effjay Fri 14-Aug-09 20:00:35

I wouldn't worry too much. I have two in nursery - one who is 3.5 and the other is 16months. They do go through a really clingy phase between 1 and 2 years. My younger one sometimes cries when I drop her off, but it's over very quick and my older one runs in and forgets me in an instant! If you are really worried, you should ring the nursery when you get to work and I bet most of the time they will tell you all is well. Make sure the child has a teddy or something with them and hand them over to a member of staff for a cuddle when you drop off.

negrilbaby Wed 19-Aug-09 10:45:32

My DS has been in nursery since 11 months old - he's now 18 months. Bar one or two days he always cries when I leave. I wait outside the door and he usually stops almost immediately I am out of eye sight. He is always happy to run into the nursery in the morning. Stands grinning in the door while I hang his coat up and only starts to cling once I try to leave. He is always happily playing when I arrive and never seems eager to leave.
I've started to accept that it will take time but am still hopeful that one day he will run in happy and wave goodbye!!
I've stopped worrying because I am confident that he is well looked after and very happy in the nursery.

Mondaymonday Wed 19-Aug-09 10:51:29

Jasper I think they go through stages, backwards and forwards. DS is fine with other people unless I come back into the room and then he starts whingeing for me. It is draining I agree

Hope things get better for you

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