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Good nurseries in Bexleyheath, Belvedere or Erith?

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Bebebees Thu 06-Aug-09 17:03:56

Can anyone recommend a good nursery in Bexleyheath, Belvedere, Erith areas? Or any one have any bad experience of any in these areas?

beautifulgirls Thu 06-Aug-09 22:09:51

Slightly further out than Bexleyheath but take a look at the Acorns Early Years Centre - right on the edge of Bexley and Dartford up by Dartford heath. We moved here from another nursery (out of your search area) and have been very impressed with it. The building is not much to look at from the outside in my opinion, but the staff in there are excellent with the children.

I have a friend who uses the teddies nursery in Bexleyheath and seems happy with it but can't comment directly on that one.

Kbear Thu 06-Aug-09 22:16:13

do you mean day nursery or pre-school? I hear Fox House nursery on Erith Road by the Fire station is well thought of. If it's pre-school, I thoroughly recommend Picardy Pre-school, which is at the top of Picardy Road (Hill) in Belvere. Both my children went there and loved it. It's very well run.

Bebebees Tue 11-Aug-09 04:12:34

Thanks for both your comments - very helpful. Beautifulgirls, yep, Acorns is a bit far out for me. Is it possible please to get some direct comments from your friend who uses Teddies? Would be appreciated. Visited it a while back but remain unsure about them...

beautifulgirls Wed 12-Aug-09 09:07:43

I'll ask her about it for you - not sure if she might be away still this week on hols but get back to you when I can.

Bebebees Thu 20-Aug-09 17:34:16

Hi beautifulgirls, thanks for offering to ask your friend. Any news from her yet? Please let me know. Thanks

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