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Ideas for a nursery leaving present, please!

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SweetTalkinWoman Mon 03-Aug-09 20:17:08

Friday is DD's last day at nursery sad. She's been there since she was 8 months and turned 2 years last week. The arrival of a little brother (now 5 months) means that when I go back to work I just can't afford the nursery fees. We have found a wonderful CM though so am v relieved. Anyway, I have only great things to say about the nursery and would love to buy them something as a thank you, and maybe to remember DD by (perhaps I'm being too sentimental!!), but I'm rubbish at thinking of gifts! Any good ideas out there? If you work in a nursery, what would be a good thing to receive? Thanks!

roadha Mon 03-Aug-09 20:43:23

Were you thinking of something for the Nursery or her keyworker, room leader or a few staff?

Anything is really appreciated. In the past I have received Boots vouchers (from a few parents) so I've been able to put them together and treat myself to perfume (Chanel - that I couldn't usually do).

A book - thats always lovely; I keep 'special' ones (books) on a shelf, next to Library books, so we talk about them and how we care for them, why they're special and who bought them etc.. before we read them. Both children and adults can enjoy.

A picture your daughter has drawn for them or decorate the border around your daughters photo, made into a special card for them.

Personally, it makes my day, when we get any gift that is just for us, no matter how small, as it made us feel appreciated, and know parents are thanking us for the difference we have made to their little ones. x

SweetTalkinWoman Tue 04-Aug-09 13:29:18

oooh I love the idea of a book for the toddler room. Think I might do that as something for the nursery, and maybe a little basket of goodies from the Body Shop that the toddler room staff can all dip into.... I've left it too late for the photo I think, but will get shopping tomorrow!

Thanks very much for the ideas!

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