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Busy Bees, St David's Park, Flintshire, anyone know anything about it?

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mummytowillow Sat 01-Aug-09 21:26:21

I'm currently looking for a nursery in the Flintshire area of North Wales and have thought about Busy Bees, its a huge nursery with 120 places and is purpose built and from the parents pack sounds amazing? hmm

However, I'm unsure if being so big is such a good thing, I've been to an independent nursery which was lovely but very small? My DD who is 2 has only been to one lovely childminder but I have moved 300 miles away so thought at her age a nursery would be best? I'm worried she might get bullied as she is tiny for her age and nursery seems to be a free for all?

Any views please?

KnackeredOldHag Sun 02-Aug-09 23:09:19

I don't know anything about that particular nursery, but my ds was in another Busy Bees nursery till recently. Wouldn't recommend them as a company tbh.

Everything seemed to be done on the cheap, poor quality food, absolute minimum of staff also meaning that staff ratios were so tight that staff coming into work whilst visibly sick hmm(not great during a flu pandemic?), also staff very poorly paid so a lot of the good ones moved on to other jobs pretty quickly/generally high staff turnover and not many experienced (presumably more expensive) staff in favour of younger, inexperienced, cheaper staff.

Personally I think these chains are very good at the marketing/glossy brochures/saying the right stuff etc but when it comes to implementing stuff, well the children come secondary to the companies share-holders. But maybe I just had a bad experience and am cynical...

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