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Good nurseries in Hove.....

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Becs77 Sat 18-Jul-09 23:14:20

for my 1 year old DS. I have the following in mind - Hopscotch, Cbabiessafe, Home from Home, Blueberry, Hillberry House. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of these?? I'm so confused about which one to use so some advice would be great!!! Thanks in advance x

drcaroline Fri 24-Jul-09 15:57:00

Hello Becs

My dd goes to Poets Corner Nursery (in Shirley Street near Hove station) and I'm pleased with it. She's been there since 6.5 months old and is now nearly two and the staff haven't changed in that time. They also have a parents' evening, summer picnic and christmas party so you get a chance to chat with the various staff members and other parents. It also has various start/finish times with different prices and can do early starts/late finishes. We do have to provide her meals, snacks etc but it's reflected in the price.

My best friend's ds goes to Hillbury House - he started at 10 months and is now two and a half. Again you have to provide meals, snacks etc which is reflected in the price. They also don't charge you for two weeks a year when you're on holiday.

I also have a frind whose son is at cbabiesafe and she seems happy with it. It is a lot more expensive but they do the meals etc so it's less work for you.

I don't have any experience of the others. Do have a look round several and see how the staff interact with the children.

Good luck,


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