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Eating at the nursery

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Vitka Wed 01-Jul-09 19:35:05

My 9.5 months old DD has started going to nursery 3 days a week. She likes it there, eats and sleeps well and generally follows her routine there as she's at home.
My concern is that I don't think portions at nursery are big enough for her.
For example, when at home she'll have lunch at 12 and then 3-4oz of milk at 3pm. At nursery she has lunch at 12 and finishes 6oz bottle of milk.
They also give them tea at 4-5pm and when I pick her up at half five I can see that she's very hungry.
I don't mind increasing her milk but I think that at this age she should be eating more solids rather then filling up on milk.
Do you think it's reasonable to ask nursery to give her more food at lunch time? Do they have "portion size" which they follow?
Her book always says that she finishes everything whether i'd rather it said that she left something.
I don't want to be pushy with nursery stuff but at the same time i don't my DD go hungry.

On a different note, do you feed your babies after they get back from nursery and before their bed time milk, please? If you do - what do you usually give them, bearing in mind that she'd had some sandwiches from tea at the nursery.

Sorry for the post being a bit too long. Just worried about her a little bit.

fucksticks Wed 01-Jul-09 19:38:11

the 'tea' they give at 4 pm is usually just a snack sized thing as they expect you to give proper dinner when you get home

PortAndLemon Wed 01-Jul-09 19:46:13

DD's nursery give them breakfast in the morning (will generally offer them toast even if they've had breakfast at home), then a good-sized snack mid-morning (fruit and/or fruit puree) then a proper cooked dinner around 12-12.30, then a proper tea (generally cooked) around 4pm. Children who are still there around 5.30-6 generally get another snack of breadsticks or rice cakes. And if a child finishes everything they are offered more (today DD had two portions of lunch and three portions of tea...)

DS always seemed to want snacks afterwards, but DD isn't as fussed (that might be because of the three portions of tea, of course).

Vitka Wed 01-Jul-09 19:52:03

PortAndLemon - sounds like what I do at home but not what happens at the nursery.
They don't seem to offer more than "standard" if that's the right expression.
Not sure whether it's the money issue and they don't have spare food.
Will mention it tomorrow to them see what happens.

FrannyandZooey Wed 01-Jul-09 19:53:33

no she should still be having plenty of milk
at this age solid foods should complement milk feeds and not replace them

cookielove Wed 01-Jul-09 19:58:54

if you request that you want her to have more there shouldn't be an issue, at my nursery we ask the older children if they want more, and by that age we are able to judge how much they will be able to eat, the nursery is most likely giving her a certain portain size, and because she eats all they think that is enough, we offer babies and toddlers more if they complete it because they can't tell you if they are full.

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