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Do you work in a nursery?

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lunavix Sun 15-May-05 20:57:57

A friend is wanting information cos she can't decide which age group she wants to work with, either in baby room (which is mostly up to a year/18 months depending on nursery) or 1 - 3s. What activities do you do, and is there a daily routine?

She doesn't know whether to do the extra 'baby room' training.

swiperfox Sun 15-May-05 21:04:11

I've worked in nurseries for 5 years overall and loved it!! My age group preference really changed after I had my own children. When I left school to do my training I loved working with the 3-5's best because I loved the 'teaching' element adn the satisfaction of teaching them to learn to write their names etc. I hated the baby unit because I found it extremely boring!!

THat said, when I worked in a nursery last year again, I was pregnant and absolutely loved the baby room!!

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