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here's the boy, oh, and he's done a number two btw

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fudgeit Mon 22-Jun-09 09:43:02

so here's the thing. am FTWM who drops the boy off to nursery about 5 minutes before i get my train -the station is nearby and i have a car, but opening time at nursery and train time are perilously close. not for the first time i changed the boy in the car this morning, because he'd left it til the last minute to do his morning number 2 (record time, just under 2 mins, and left no evidence behind, w00t.). so far have yet to leave the boy at the nursery in the morning with a number 2 but am thinking, would it be so bad? i don't do this in practice cos i wouldn't wish the boy's number 2 on anyone first thing in the morning. but if i'm running late and it can't be prevented, what then?

TrinityRhino Mon 22-Jun-09 09:48:25

I dont think there is any problem with it

if he pooped whilst at nursery they would deal with it

bigstripeytiger Mon 22-Jun-09 09:50:06

I think if you have to do it then it cant be helped. Its going to happen sometime isnt it.

I once had to do this - took DD in, explained situation and asked to change her in nursery changing room. The nursery nurses told me not to be silly, and took DD away to get her changed.

I think as long as you are grateful and dont to it often its acceptable.

fudgeit Tue 23-Jun-09 08:53:40


thanks very much, will try not to feel so guilty about it! am going to try and get him out of bed earlier too - easy in this weather!

designerbaby Tue 23-Jun-09 22:50:43

FWIW - DD frequently does a number 2 on the way to nursery in the morning... nothing I can do about it, it's just the way our morning schedule and her internal workings seem to end up.

Can't get her up an earlier, we're already up at 6.30 and out of the house by 7.45 (and not sure it would make much difference anyway).

Nursery are used to it, I think. I always apologise for the 'present' DD has brought for them, they just laugh it off. Now she's a bit older (18 months) she tells them herself...

"herro, I did a poooooo" [points to nappy].

We travel to nursery by tube, so my only other option would be to a) change her on a packed commuter tube grin or on the street outside the nursery... grin grin.

Relax about it... they do about a million appies a day, right? One early one extra isn't going to make a blind bit of difference. From my experience those wonderful people can change a nappy in under 30 seconds anyway... I mean, have you SEEN them? Bloody hell, they're like Nappy Ninjas!

[awed emoticon]


FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 23-Jun-09 22:52:24

DS does it alot as well, I always apologise and they whisk him off.

KnackeredOldHag Tue 30-Jun-09 23:03:41

I had this once. Needed to drop ds and run as I was late. Nursery (Busy Bees @ Nottingham University) just said "oh well we can't see to it now. We'll do it later", meaning I was forced to either leave ds with a dirty bottom for god knows how long, or change him myself. I opted for changing him and being late but was majorly hacked off as none of the staff were busy (all just sat around chatting at the time) angry. It's really good to know that not everywhere is like this.

littlestarschildminding Tue 14-Jul-09 17:08:00

Im a cm and my little ones often turn up with presents they have done in the car/ buggy on the way over. Doesn't bother me in the slightest....a setting that is bothered by this would be a no no in my opinion. Its a fact of life!!

Northernlurker Tue 14-Jul-09 17:13:22

If you are in a rush then they just have to do it. It's no big deal - like others have said no nursery staff member is going to say 'Aaaargh no A POO! Never had to deal with that before' are they?

Knackered - any nursery which told me they didn't have time to change a poo filled nappy would swiftly have become an ex-nursery for me! It's not an optional activity hmm

Hsl500 Tue 14-Jul-09 17:23:58

Hiya I agree no big deal, my son is two and half and although he has never yet, the nursery always change him and the others at a set time anyway , maybe worth asking the nursery there policy but honestly wouldn't worry bout it too much

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