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Has anyone used Home to Home nursery in York?

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idreamofbeanie Fri 19-Jun-09 11:28:31


I am looking for a nursery for my LO to go to 4 days a week when I go back to work. This nursery (the Fulford one rather than Strensall) is really close to my home and work and when I visited it I thought it had a nice 'feel' IYSWIM and I liked the staff but as a first-time parent I'm not confident I know what I am looking for and would love to hear from anyone who has used this nursery. It seems crazy to be viewing nurseries before the baby is even born but there are such long waiting lists everywhere.


mrstommo Tue 07-Jul-09 07:35:28

hi, i am living in strensall york, i looked around the strensall hometohome a few weeks a go for my 22 month old son. I liked the nursery and would hv happily sent him there plus there ofsted report is a credit. I did however choose to put him in nursery elsewhere as i am a quallified teacher and early years worker and wasn't impressed with the demonstration of their use of the early years foundation stage profile and recording childrens key skills. wasn't shown the baby room or the preschool room (have heard wonderful things aboutt he preschool bloke tho). But like i say this wasnt the fulford one, however i hv seen an advert for a job in the baby rooms at fulford and am thinking of enquiring. Do they have 2 rooms? will keep u updated if u like, hope things are well.

idreamofbeanie Tue 07-Jul-09 17:06:41

Thanks mrstommo,

in the Fulford nursery the baby room is downstairs then upstairs they have 3 rooms for different ages although the gates weren't really kept locked between the rooms upstairs so the children didn't all stay in their designated room. It was a very quiet day when I visited so a higher staff:child ratio than usual so it didn't seem to be a problem - a member of staff just followed the children through the gates and let them explore the other rooms. I'm not sure how they use that space on busier days though.

If you do have any contact with the Fulford nursery in the future I would appreciate hearing any impressions/opinions you have. As a first-time parent-to-be I feel totally lost when it comes to viewing nurseries and I am really worried about making a bad decision. I liked the staff I met and as you say they have a good ofsted report but right now I can't imagine how I am going to look after my LO never mind knowing how to judge how well other people will care for her/him. I'm hoping I can judge better once LO is there.


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