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Help me choose between nurseries

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firsttimer08 Thu 18-Jun-09 11:21:24

I am divided between two nurseries for DS (8 months). He will be going for 3 full days and eventually full time. This will be until he is 2, 2.5 years old and then he will be moving to another nursery which is part of a school.

Nursery 1 (we are waitlisted, was hoping to send DS here, but not so sure anymore based on my recent visit):
- Near home, but 10 minute bus ride in opposite direction to work.
- Would need to arrange leave work early by 30 mins, to be able to collect DS when nursery closes, and haven't discussed that as yet so not sure if they will agree.
- Professional (albeit) robotic staff. Mostly older women. Seem to be well trained, seem to know what they are talking about, how to encourage learning and seem to focus quite well on baby's development
- Rooms are tiny and a little overcrowded
- Due to space issues, baby room now has babies going up to 16-17 months and then they move up to toddler room !
- They have a v. small garden with a slide
- Ofsted report= Good

Nursery 2 (current nursery):

- Near work, so ds goes with me every day. It saves time in terms of having to drop and pick up DS. I can stay at work 30 mins later too.
- Staff is v. young girls. They are all quite nice, but I am not sure how well trained they are and whether they even stimulate DS. When I come to collect DS in evening, he is usually in one of the carer's arm and being walked around (while the carer is clearing up).
- DS gets lots of cuddles, as the girls are young and not so robotic.
- Room are rather large, with lots of space. Babies move to toddler room once 1 year. Not too many babies, so children usually get personal attention.
- No garden, but a huge playroom with slide and other things.
- Don't go outside so much as the nursery is in the city.
- Ofsted report= Satisfactory

Eventually I need to go with my gut instinct, but I am seeking advice from experienced mums out there to work out which of these pros and cons are ultimately more important and which I shouldn't care about. For instance, I came back fron nursery 1 thinking the rooms are really small, but I wonder if that is an issue or does space not matter as long as the babies are happy.

Thanks !

paranoidmother Thu 18-Jun-09 14:31:20


Personally I would go with your gut instinct.

On reading the 2 reports I would probably go with no.2 as it's nearer to you in case of any problems.
Not robotic, as your ds is going to be going to nursery at 2.5 it's less than 2 years to be there.
No garden but then you can always make sure you take them out lots when he's with you.
Personal attention is always good.
Probably the staff will do training and want to learn more which is always a bonus.
No. 1 is good as they know what they are doing, not saying the others don't. and that they are focused on babies learning. however you'll be spending time with ds as well as they are and you can help him learn to. He's only little and plenty of time to play before getting to school.

Why are you wanting to leave no.2 is it something they have done? or just that no.1 appealed to you?

It's really down to what makes Ds and you happiest and safest I think. Good luck

firsttimer08 Thu 18-Jun-09 16:11:51

thanks for the advice. we were quite keen on no. 1 and only chose no. 2 as we couldn't get a spot at no. 1. Now that we think we were close enough to getting a spot at no. 1 I got a little double minded and visited no. 1 again to make sure that it was as good as i had remembered it to be.

As for his current nursery, I wasn't v. happy with it initially, as the staff is v. young, so they sometimes appear like they don't know what they are doing. But now we are v. happy with ds's current carer and she dotes on him. She told me in private though that she may be leaving, which is of some concern as I wouldn't rate the rest of the staff too highly.

Also, for purely selfish reasons no. 2 would be great, just as its easier to get to, i pick up ds immediately after work and can go around at lunchtime too if i wish (though i haven't done so as yet).

But no. 1 is good as you state for ds's development, so its a toss up between that.

i wish i didn't have a choice ! i hate choices and decisions

paranoidmother Thu 18-Jun-09 20:40:17

i agree with you on decisions, i hate making them to. Perhaps see if his carer at this present nursery is definately leaving and take it from there. Perhaps if she might go it's better to go for no.1.

good luck with it all.

clemette Thu 18-Jun-09 20:50:40

Cuddles so much more important than "development". Baby room should be for babies not rumbunctious toddlers (DS is 17m, he would squash babies!)
IME young carers (in general) are more enthusiastic and creative. I had to get over the hurdle of them not being able to spell to realise I wanted them to care for my DC rather than educate them.
Good luck. It is tricky to decide - does either of them have a TV? If so go to the other one. What is the food like at each? What is staff turnover like?

Bramshott Thu 18-Jun-09 20:56:29

If you are happy now, and it's convenient, I wouldn't change TBH. If you had doubts, the decision to change would be obvious wouldn't it? I too would go for cuddles over "focus on baby's development" every time.

firsttimer08 Fri 19-Jun-09 08:24:15

thanks everyone ! yeah staff turnover is higher at nursery 2, but both do not have a tv. I didnt even know that nurseries had tv !!

I think with so many baby developmental classes and what not going on these days, I keep fretting that my baby will be left behind ! but i agree love should definitely be more important for the baby so he grows up to be a secure individual.

Botbot Fri 19-Jun-09 08:54:25

I'd go for number 1, for two main reasons:

1. I prefer to have a nursery near home than near work - what if your company relocates (as mine did six months after I went back to work) or you decide to change jobs? Of course, needing the 30 extra minutes is a factor - could you start 30 mins early or cut down your lunch break?

2. It has outdoor space. I think this is really important, however small it is. I'm a great believer in fresh air.

Agree that cuddles are very important too though!

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