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York nurseries in fulford area - any opinions??

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idreamofbeanie Fri 05-Jun-09 19:05:26


I am 5 months pregnant and I am looking for a nursery for 4-5 days a week from next June (when baby will be around 8 months). I am living in Fulford and work at the university. I have my name down for the Uni Campus nursery but they can't guarentee a place so we are looking at other local nurseries (I am shock at the length of the waiting lists). I am just feeling a bit lost - this is my first DC and I'm worried about how exactly to choose a nursery. I would appreciate and reviews/opinions etc from anyone who has/does use a York nursery.

I think the closest nurseries are Little Joes and Home from Home but I am concerned they seem to be in the middle of an industrial estste. We are also looking at Polly Annas and a few in Heworth/Osbaldwick. We will be arranging to visit a few but please pass on any recommendations (or any problems you have heard of).

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 05-Jun-09 19:22:51

We use the campus nursery so I can't help re the others - we will be on the same waiting list as I'm expecting my 3rd in Oct. Will probably be places by June though, I would have thought.
Re looking at other nurseries, you will get a good sense from looking at them whether you like them or not - if you just follow your instincts and notice what is going on around you it's pretty easy to tell a good one from a bad one smile

Pizzazz Fri 12-Jun-09 10:59:56

I am moving to York, and am currently also looking at nurseries.

I really didn't like the York University campus nursery - I'd recommend visiting it if you haven't done already. I thought the staff were excellent, and stayed a long time (very big plus point), but the tiny, tiny rooms and the lack of provided hot meals, and the fact it was in what looked like a portacabin... I was worried I'd accidentally step on stay babies when I visited.

I have found the 'Orchard Trees' nursery online
and will visit it when I'm next up there. I looked on ofsted and the recent inspection was good.

I am also considering a nanny.....

idreamofbeanie Sat 13-Jun-09 20:45:34

Thanks Pizzazz,

I have visited the campus nursery and it is quite small but I know a few poeple who's children have gone there and they have been very pleased with the level of care. Plus the staff are great and seem to have been there for a while.

I am visiting Little Joes and Home from Home next week and will go and have a look at the Orchard Trees site now.

I'm surprised there aren't websites with feedback from parents who have used/visited nurseries.

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