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MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 08:26:10

O.k. so here it is... had applied for a nursery place in the school that's literally a stone throw away and we are in the catchment area - I've checked. However, she got declined 'as expected, the demand far exceeded the number of places available with many places goin to siblings of children already attending the school'

They offer to put dd on the waiting list, but if we haven't heard until 31/10 I might as well forget about it... and if she doesn't get a place then reapply for next year, which is pointless as the then would be at the age to enter reception...

Considering that we live so close to the school surely we should be entitled to a place not just a spot on the waiting list? Especially as I submitted the application a year ago!

How would you go upon it to secure a place?

Any tips and hints highly appreciated.

Kind regards


MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 08:48:29


elibelly Sat 07-May-05 08:49:48

You should certainly pursue it. You need to get hold of the list of admissions criteria for the nursery, and find out how many places they had initially. Then you should speak to them and ask how the places were allocated according to the admissions criteria. You should also ask what position you are at on the waiting list, you might be very close to the top and could well get a place anyway if someone else declines their offer of one.

Most nursery places in schools are allocated by the school whereas the reception places are usually allocated by the LEA, best to double check that as it will make a difference where you appeal to. If it is the school and you feel that you should have had one of the places offered, ask them for their appeals proceedure.

Sometimes it does happen that there are so many siblings in a year group that hardly anyone else gets into a school, especially in a nursery class as often there are fewer places than in the main school.

The problem is they will have restricted numbers so while there may be several people like you who are 'entitled'to a place on paper, in reality they just can't give you one. Generally the timing of the application is irrelevant, so long as it's in by the stated closing date.

By all means appeal though. Good luck.

MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 08:58:39

thanks elibelly, will look into that.
I know that people actually move into the area to get their kids into that particular school, so it's going to be tough as I doubt many will decline

Ah well, I'll start with a nice letter to the school and take it from there I guess.

elibelly Sat 07-May-05 09:11:33

Don't write, phone the school office on Monday morning!

I know all about people moving close to a school to get their kids in, we've been pushed out of the admissions area for our best local school in this way, but we have been offered 2 good schools a bit further away so you might find a good alternative. Do you live in London?

MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 10:03:14

yes I do and the school in question is North Ealing Primary

Kaz33 Sat 07-May-05 11:01:38

Same happended to me, maybe the nursery was 5 minutes. Applied for January admission 7 places, 69 applications

However, other children is square go/went to the nursery and parents applying for this year have been told there should be no problem as so near.

Decided not to pursue it as thought 9-3pm every day for my boy would be too much. However from talking to people I think I missed a trick, show loads of interest, chase and try and butter up the admissions person. Empahasise your commitment to that school. Good luck.

jampots Sat 07-May-05 11:49:45

surely the sibling thing doesnt come into it for nursery school? Just like you are not necessarily guaranteed a place at the attached school if your child goes to nursery there?

rickman Sat 07-May-05 11:58:32

Message withdrawn

MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 12:33:44

jampots - that's how I feel as well especially as it states everywhere that a place in the nursery does not guarantee a place in the school... go figure

Twiglett Sat 07-May-05 12:39:06

of course the sibling thing comes into it for nursery

if you are a parent with a child at the school, it would probably be logistically impossible to drop off / or pick up your younger child from a different nursery

but that said of course you should appeal, because there is no way ALL of the places are siblings - if its a state nursery then they'll have morning and afternoon sessions wouldn't they?

I'd ask to speak to the headmaster personally and be extra specially nice

elibelly Sat 07-May-05 17:27:47

The sibling thing definitely applies in nurseries attached to schools, as we didn't get a place for my daughter in the highly desirable close school (Rhodes Avenue Primary) and (ironically) at one of the schools that we have been offered a reception place for this year due to too many siblings.

I think nursery attendance doesn't guarantee a place in reception as the allocation is down to the LEA and not the school and it is rarely on the admissions criteria list. The exception is in Barnet I believe - bizarre I know.

Actually as it is the school that allocates the nursery places, making a big nuisance of yourself might get them to change their minds... the squeaky wheel etc. I'd imagine they'd be easier to get round than the council.

MrsBigD Sat 07-May-05 17:30:30

So you reckon if I go in and play the charming German Walkure cross Bullterrier dd might have a chance to get in?

kid Sat 07-May-05 17:33:38

I can't believe that we have to worry whether our kids will get into nursery, then reception and then secondary school too!

I never had any back up plan for DS incase he didn't get into the nursery. I work at the school and DD already attends there so I assumed he would get a place, thankfully he did. I did get a note with his acceptance letter saying I still have to apply for a reception place.

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