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Nurseries - Whitton/Twick/Richmond

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Smudge22 Mon 18-May-09 19:41:44


Ive started looking into nurseries for my baby daughter and we went to see Monty's in Richmond today. Initial impressions were good although it was a bit 'snug'! Does anyone have any munchkins that already attend? If so is it good?

gegs73 Tue 19-May-09 12:06:34

Don't know anyone who goes there but I do know people who have sent their LOs to Tic Tocs in Twickenham and have had good reports about it.

happyface01 Sat 18-Jul-09 14:11:47

Have you been to Grena road nursery in Richmond

I'm the manager from there and I'm on maternity leave but we have a good reputation in the Richmond area give them a call 0208 334 8720.

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