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concerns about keyworker

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fluster Sat 02-May-09 10:10:43

dd 4 has been at her new nusery for a couple of months.over the last few weeks she has become increasingly reluctant to go and on 4 occasions has told me that keyworker has shouted at her which has made her cry.dd has been in a nursey setting since the age of 6 months and she has always loved it and never had any problems.she has also told me that keyworker shouts alot and sometimes it frightens her so she goes to the story corner to hide going to go in on tuesday morning, but i am unsure how to go about it or who to go to maybe the room supervisor ?

paranoidmother Sat 02-May-09 15:16:46

Oh poor you and poor DD.

I would ask the room supervisor to give you a few moments alone to speak to her and see how she takes your concerns. It's also worth seeing if any of the other parents have concerns.

You do need to say something about this and how changed DD is because of her. Perhaps her key worker can be changed, perhaps (hopefully) all it will take is the supervisor to have a quiet word with her and it'll all change but I think you ought to be prepared in case it doesn't get straightened out quickly (as in there and then).

Good luck with it all. Perhaps have a few notes with you so you know what you wish to tell the supervisor as then she can take these with her to help her look into the situations that have happened and she will perhaps keep a better eye on the keyworker.

Hope it is all sorted for you quickly.

fluster Sat 02-May-09 16:08:06

thankyou for replying,the room supervisor is much more approachable than the other staff so thats who i will go hoping it will be looked into and sorted out and not just dismissed as a child telling already looking into alternative childcare just in case things go from bad to worse.

paranoidmother Tue 05-May-09 09:32:00

Hope it's all going well today for you. smile

LilMiss Fri 05-Jun-09 22:59:37

ask for the key worker to be changed. they cant say no and even ask which member of staff you would like for DD
The new key worker will be pleased youve asked specifcaly (spelling??!!) for her

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