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Nursery for Summer in New City - am I crazy?

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MizZan Tue 26-Apr-05 23:19:06

Would appreciate ANY advice, especially from experienced nursery users...

Our family is moving to a new city in mid-July. I am considering trying to continue my current part-time, mainly-from-home job for the first few months we're there, primarily because I'm expecting a baby in November and want to try to stick around long enough to get maternity leave & pay.

However, we have a childcare dilemma. No summer programmes or playschemes available for kids of DS's age in this city (Cambridge), and he won't start "proper" nursery school till September. Already tried the school for suggestions and they were fairly useless. We may have, by chance, found a day nursery that would take him for 5 half or several full days, for the 6-7 week period we need care.

My question is - is it way too disruptive to consider putting a kid of this age through a big move, then into nursery for long(ish) hours (minimum 5 hrs/day) immediately on arrival, knowing that he'll only be at this nursery for a short time and then will have to adjust to another new nursery school in September? He has been going to Montessori school here in London 4-5 afternoons a week, and likes it well enough, but it's been a long settling-in period, and it's only 3 hours a day. We've been using a combination of that and nanny/babysitter to cover childcare here.

thoughts, anyone? and before anyone suggests it, no, we unfortunately do not have any relatives who could/would help out, even for a day or two...

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