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HELP - Nursery or Childminders in Kew

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Kew08 Tue 10-Mar-09 10:51:59

I'm due to go back to work in September and am trying to sort childcare for my DD. I only know of two places in Kew that take babies (she'll be 12 months) - Asquith and Montys. Please do you know of any other child care places? Thanks

Karni Sun 27-Nov-11 21:09:47

I intrestingly read the thread and find it amazing that 2 years and the lack of good childcare in Kew area is poor.
I was hoping to have a nanny share. I am currently looking for a nanny and will be happy to find someone to share.
My daughter will be 9 months in January, and I am looking for 2 days a week with an optiong for more - I am flexiable.
If that is something you are interested in - pls contact me.

happyface01 Thu 29-Dec-11 16:55:47

hi my son goes to devonshire nursery not far from kew bridge off the chiswick high road and has been really happy there the staff are wonderful and always really helpful and go that extra mile that we need as worried working mums. smile

Debraclaire Wed 05-Sep-12 10:12:29

I currently a day nursery manager working for a large chain. I am thinking about opening my own nursery in Kew and would like some information as to the demand for spaces, and any information about the current nurseries in the local area. From what I have found out, there seems to be a demand for baby spaces (under 2's). Any comments would be really appreciated.


Miabella1 Wed 23-Jan-13 15:09:04

Kew Giggles is now in one setting and replies to mails within days.
A lovely small home from home environment, with all the professionalism of a large nursery.
Debraclaire, i know a few people who have considered trying to open a nursery within kew knowing the demand but it is a very difficult area in which to gain the permission and find the right setting.
This i think is why it is lacking something more central in kew.

Tweddma22 Sun 03-Jan-16 17:09:11

Can anyone recommend an Excellent Hairdresser easily got to by car from Richmond TW10 6HR.. haven't managed to find one as yet. Thanks for any help or advice 😯

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