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nurseries in SE11 - Kennington?

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chandellina Thu 05-Mar-09 15:10:34

Does anyone have kids in any of these: Little Starz, Bishop's House or Kennington Park Children's Centre?

Or any other suggestions in the area?

I am a bit at a loss trying to get any personal recommendations.


MrsFT Tue 10-Mar-09 13:16:20

Hi there,

I don't have any personal experience but I too am looking for nurseries in the Kennington area as am expecting my first baby. I went to see the Kennington Park one, and I thought it was nice and v cheap. I've also had it personally recommended to me. I've got an appointment with Bishop's house and have heard good things.

I also went to see Magic Roundabout (inbetween Kennington and Walworth Rd) - I wasn't that keen as its very big and a bit chaotic. Saying that it wasn't horrible or anything and seemed good value.

I saw a lovely one at Waterloo yesterday called St Patrick's. However, it is very expensive. There is also a good one called the Pelican in Kennington, but it only takes them from 2.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on!

chandellina Wed 11-Mar-09 13:24:49

thanks for that MrsFT. the waiting lists are beastly. KPCC is saying January to new applicants. We've been on the waiting list there since November and they say slight chance something will open in September, but my LO is something like 27th on the list!

Bishops House is very cagey about dates, but say they have people waiting more than a year.


MrsFT Wed 11-Mar-09 15:38:57

Thats interesting as with both KPCC and Bishops House, I asked if I should put my name down now (even though baby not due til May 09 and I don't need a place til May 10). They both laughed and said it would be fine to wait until the baby is born. I'm wondering now if I should just put my name down anyway!

I did see one called Buffer Bear at Lambeth North that had places now, although to be honest I didn't like it and neither did the other mums to be in my NCT class.

The whole thing is so stressful and I've not even given birth yet!!

chandellina Wed 11-Mar-09 17:56:58

well done for being so organised. I knew i should have gotten on it sooner. (but he was only three months when we applied everywhere!)

one that people rave about and you may want to look into is Coin Street, near Waterloo, on Stamford Street. I've not even bothered getting on the list because it's so long, but it could be worth it for you. (reasonably priced too.)

Ben80 Thu 02-Apr-09 14:26:29


Can someone tell me what KPCC is?

Can anyone offer an opinion about Coral Day Nursery? (

I am currently looking in around Waterloo for a nursery for my daughter, but I'm currently living in America. (Coming back in 7 weeks).

I was going to put myself down for Buffer Bear, but am a little concerned given the comments above.


onceinalifetime Mon 06-Apr-09 03:08:24

Fantastic nursery called The Arc at London Bridge, might be a bit far, depending on whether you're going be travelling to work. Coin Street is great but has a specific catchment area which they give priority to and doesn't cover Kennington - in any case, unfortunately the baby waiting list is completely closed at the moment.

93pjb Mon 06-Apr-09 22:26:00


Kennington Park Children's Centre is next to St Agnes' church which is behind the cafe in the park. Can't comment on the nursery I'm afraid but there are lots of great activities on if you are on maternity leave, most are free and some even have a creche.

Have you tried joining the borough babies yahoo group? I'm sure people there would have lots of advice too.


sallyrandall Tue 19-May-09 13:58:12

I'm also looking for a nursery for my little boy who will be one in August. We only need something for a year because he will go to the Pelican Nursery (in St Anselm's Hall at Kennington Cross) when he's two. We have another child there already and can't recommend it highly enough. It's also quite cheap.

I enquired at KPCC and was put off a bit by the application process. Because it's a local authority run nursery there's a long questionnaire about why you want a nursery place and what your personal circumstances are (like what time do you finish work and how long is your journey, which personally I think is none of their business!). And they only do visits at set times - I'm always slightly suspicious about places that won't let you look around any time.

We're off to see Little Starz this week. I've heard other parents say that it's ok for babies but a bit limited for older children so a lot of them tend to move over to the Pelican when they turn two. The ofsted report is fairly average - not glowing but not critical either.

I'd be really interested in any other views. Or any suggestions in the Stockwell area?

chandellina Mon 25-May-09 22:31:55

hi there, I wonder how you got on with Little Starz? I had the opposite reaction when I visited - I thought it looked good for the toddlers as far as space and activities, but just not enough space for the babies, so we decided against it.

I agree the KPCC application was a bit silly, but not like it matters to me anyway, as DS (now 10 months) has been on the wait list for 7 months and no sign a place will ever open up. Same for Bishops House, which acknowledges as much.

I know a couple of people who are going with Asquith Day Nursery, somewhere in Stockwell, not sure exactly where? We've put DS down for Lambeth Walk Day Nursery, near Waterloo, but honestly am not at all thrilled about it and am going to meet some childminders and praying a nanny share will materialise out of thin air.

Good to know about Pelican. Do you have to apply long in advance? Only fear is we may be moving from the area before DS is two ...

Wigsy Thu 23-Jul-09 16:10:33

Sallyrandall - I'm in Stockwell and my two-year-old daughter goes to Bright Horizons, on Jeffreys Road. It's brilliant. The staff are that rare breed of people who genuinely love being around little kids all day, and the atmosphere is always happy and energetic. My daughter goes a few days a week and even asks if she can go on her days off, and she's always happy and having a great time when I pick her up. I feel really lucky to have found them.

To anyone looking in Kennington: if you find a nursery where the staff wear dark-blue tabards, think twice before sending your kids there. I don't know the name of the place, but they all had an outing to Kennington Park swings while we were there this morning and the staff were FOUL. Really bad-tempered, nasty, all threats and scowls and put-downs. I didn't see one staff member smile at a child once. Beware!

MillieMummy Thu 23-Jul-09 16:15:27

St Patrick's which is close to Waterloo is excellent - it's not the cheapest in the area but the staff, management and facilities are great.

chandellina Fri 24-Jul-09 09:03:20

wigsy, i reckon that was little starz. but lots of nurseries wear those blue tabards, Lambeth Walk do too but they are way too far away to have been in Kennington Park.

in the end, we're moving to East Dulwich and have arranged a nanny share, but in the meantime DS has been going to Lambeth Walk Day Nursery (near the Imperial War Museum) one day a week (with childminder the other days) and we've been happy with it. (in case anyone is considering it.)

kim123 Mon 09-Aug-10 16:03:37

My daughter attended Little Starz from 7 months until 2 yrs , very happy the staff are caring and she was happy. But the age group is only until age 3 so i decided to change her to a nearby nursery called Pelican, most of the Little Starz childern move onto the Pelican. Another great nursey and she settled quickly.
Both highly recommemded , Little Starz may be small but staff are friendly and the childern are kept busy with lots of fun activities.

squareheadcut Fri 19-Nov-10 10:40:45

My son has been going to Kennington Park Childrens Centre for about a year, but they are planning on closing it down in march 2011 despite a parental campaign against it. They are moving to a new site (less space and facilities ) at Henry Fawcett school.

newmumkennington Tue 19-Apr-11 12:47:38

i found this message thread really helpful as i've just started looking into nurseries in the area. I was quite surprised at the first few places i visited (Little Starz, St Wildfreds and Magic Roundabout), when i asked about waiting lists, they seemed relaxed and said to wait until the baby was born or up to three months old, but perhaps there are the less good ones? I thought Little Starz seemed fine, staff are all qualified, its small so probably not so great for bigger kids in terms of outside space. They have recently received a good rating in an oftsed report. Then i popped into St Wilfreds, which is based in a church hall on Lorrimore Road, the staff seemed slighlty more engaged with the kids that at Little Starz (who seemed to be talking to themselves) but i feel its so hard to judge from one short visit. Then I visited Magic Roundabouts, again thought it was fine, the staff seemed to be interacting well with the kids and it didn't seem chaotic but thats probably because its nice weather so lots where outside.

I've just phoned Pelican and told there is a long-ish waiting list but was reassured something should come up in nine months time. Its hard to know to believe them....

The Bright Horizon's is the only place near by (apart from Coin Street) that has an outstanding OFSTED report so it must be good. I haven't visited yet...

Teht KPCC only takes kids from age two i was told but i've still booked in for a viist.

Any advise or other parent's experiences would be useful.

ButterflySally Sat 23-Apr-11 10:11:19

Thank god for this thread! I am expecting my first child in July and, as I won't be taking a full year off on maternity leave, have begun to think about nursery places already. I didn't realise waiting lists would be so long (naive of me)! It's good to get a few recommendations as I have just moved into Kennington, don't know anyone here with children, and have no children myself. I'm going to check out Coin Street and Bright Horizons... The Pelican nursery is just down the road to us but unfortunately it only takes children from 2 years and we'll need a nursery from 6-7 months.

aussiemumof1inlondon Tue 26-Apr-11 15:51:50

I was wondering where you saw the OFSTED report for Bright Horizon as outstanding, cause I have read it and it said it was only satisfactory. Want to make sure I am reading the correct one?

Also Coin St was god with some outstanding elements.

Childcare325 Fri 29-Jul-11 14:18:52

I have recently been looking to place my baby in little angels @ oval way. It's good to get a few recommendations as I have just moved into Kennington myself, i have found lots of really useful information regarding Day Nurseries In Kennington

Bing12345 Thu 04-Aug-11 13:27:06

Just stated to hunt for daycare in Kennington so any advice appreciated!

Not impressed with Little Starz, just called them a few mins ago- woman who could barely speak English answered and sounded half asleep! Told me to call back in one hour...think I'll try the others first!

Little one not due until Mar 2012 but hear the waiting lists are lengthy. I may need to use day care from as early as 4-5 months, hope I can find the right one!

Bing12345 Thu 04-Aug-11 13:30:07

If any Kennington mums/mums to be fancy meeting up to share info, please send me a message! : )

mammamads Sat 02-Mar-13 08:49:34

Hi all my LO will be 3 in aug.and were looking for a good nursery.any advice and 'no-goes'?

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:48:24

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houseelfine Mon 04-Nov-13 13:47:47

mammamads, did you find somewhere in the end? I only ask as there is a wonderful nursery in St Mary's garden, Kennington. It is called Toad Hall Montessori. My 3 year old is currently there and loves it! It is in a converted Victorian building and has such a calm welcoming atmosphere. My daughter got to watch chicks hatch at easter for their spring project! The provision and dedication to the individual children made me feel more comfortable about the whole thing as i am new to this process and making a childcare decision seemed like a huge decision to make. I am afraid I can't advise about anywhere else as this is obviously the one we went for!

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