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NicoleBailey Mon 02-Mar-09 17:15:13

hi.. mums, i am a full time mummy to a little girl of 16months.
personally.. having worked in different nurserys i would advise anyone NOT to ever ever send their child to a particular one~!
dont know if i can name names..
before i was pregnant i worked for a private nursery it was brillant from day 1 we had lots of training. and was taught to give a home from home enviroment and treat each child as if it was your own. after i had my little girl, i went to work for a well know chain of nurserys. and was disqusted!it seemed to be run by young girls who didnt have any children. and who had just left school.. the girls wouldnt go near any children that werent up to their hygine standards. exapmle.. a child fell over in playground and had grazed their hand. none of the girls wanted to go and compfort the child as it 'smelt' they were all saying 'no you go..' i was outraged. this little child was crying and no one would go to them.
i dont care what anyone says if a child fell over and smelt or not.. you dont ever not go to it. the girls had 'favopurites' if the child turnt up to nursery in a bmw and latest nike trainers then the girls loved them! nappy times.. the girls didnt warn the child or tell the child they were about to be changed they just grabbed the child and layed it on the floor on nappy mat. and wondered why the child is kicking and screming..they hadnt pre told the child 'in a min im going to do your nappy'! by the end of my 1st day i felt sick! i couldnt believe i had enrolled my daughter to such a place. never in a million years would any child of been treated like this at my previous place of work.
my one the day before i left my littlegirl was left crying for ages in a corner. and she doesnt smell! and wears the latest clothes/trainers!! i was working in toddler room down the corridor and could hear her crying..i asked if i could go and check on her and was told to wait until my break was due.. which was half hour away. 10 mins later we could still hear her crying.. so the room leader rang down to the baby unit and asked if i was my daughter we could hear. and 2 mins later a girl from the room came up to toddlers and said' yes shes a bit upset at the moment but dont come down because if she sees you it might upsaet her even more' i was angry and wanted to go to her. so kindley a girl swapped breaks with me and i ran down to baby room , where in the corner was my daughter sitting propped up with pillows. hyperventaliating. all the girls were the other side of the room chatting over the wall to other nursery workers, i picked her up and tried to settle her, but she couldnt breathe she was crying that much. the girls hadnt even noticed id come in the room, i rocked her to sleep and went straight to nursery managagers office to complain about everything id seen in the few days which id worked their.. and i asked to see the cctv of the baby room so i culd see just how long she had been crying and to see if any one had tryed to calm her down. we watched for bout 5 mins, where a girl picked her up tryed to rock her then put her back down. still screaming! the manager stopped the tape before it went on any further. my daughter was ill the next day with a viral infection.. dont know how or where she picked that up from (prob nursery) so i didnt go back into work for the rest of that week. then i sent a letter handing my notice in. remember babies cannot talk or tel you what happened to them. just because the nursery looks friendly and clean. be cautious.. if your child makes a huge fuss before going to nursery in hte morning its probley because they are not cared for correctly whilst their. advice to partents..
quit your job! why have children if you stick them in a nursery 7-am -7-pm get family members to help you. i reported this nursery to oftead and it was not the 1st compaint as staff ratios had been compalined about in the baby room. ofstead njst warned them. now they have re-opened in a new name!!

so advice.. NEVER SEND YOUR CHILD TO NURSERY and the fees you pay are a rip off!!

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AitchTwoOh Mon 02-Mar-09 17:17:12


what nursery? what chain? name names.

Galava Mon 02-Mar-09 17:17:23


rubyslippers Mon 02-Mar-09 17:17:42

I am sorry that you had a horrid experience but i am getting tired of scare mongering, nursery bashing threads

i see you made a formal complaint to the Nursery and to OFSTED which is the right thing to do

oh, and i won't be quitting my job but thanks for that

aGalChangedHerName Mon 02-Mar-09 17:18:04

Got a hard hat/thick skin???

FioFio Mon 02-Mar-09 17:18:10

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 02-Mar-09 17:18:18

hmm wasn't ther a similar post last week ?

hf128219 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:18:43

Paragraphs would be helpful. Hardly understood a word of it. Your first post?

My family can't help as they live 500 miles away. Anything you else you could kindly suggest? hmm

NicoleBailey Mon 02-Mar-09 17:19:12

Message withdrawn

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rubyslippers Mon 02-Mar-09 17:19:49

what do you want to achieve?

have you joined MN just to post this?

FioFio Mon 02-Mar-09 17:19:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Lizzylou Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:12

What a lovely op, I'm sure plenty of working mothers will LOVE you for this.

paddingtonbear1 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:17

that does sound like a very bad nursery.
My dd did go to nursery, it worked for us and I'd send another child there - it was a homely, cosy environment and the staff obviously cared about the kids.

NicoleBailey Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:17

sorry.. i only joined today! so havent read previous posts

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MarlaSinger Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

llareggub Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:31


Chain all women to the kitchen sink at the same time.

Marthasmama Mon 02-Mar-09 17:20:36

Thanks for that well balanced, throughly considered piece. hmm Now piss off and stop making working mums feel worse than they already do.

SlightlyMadScotland Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:11

I'm with LIZS...there was a similar OP a few days ago.

ScorpiowithabigS Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:12

lovely to post about this on a mothers site. Well done hmm

MarlaSinger Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

georgimama Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:49

I am reporting this thread.

I am sick of these veiled attacked on working mothers.

Trinityrhino Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:58

I'll give you some advice in return for your 'pearls of wisdom'

Stop telling people to quit their jobs

Use paragraphs!

mollyroger Mon 02-Mar-09 17:22:36

Nicole, I'm sure you think you are trying to help, but not evreyone has the opportunity (by which I mean money) to quit their jobs.

And not everyone is lucky enough to have family nerby to rally round.

It sounds like you have had a distressing experience. But you have taken action. And I'm sure you now know in future what to look out for in such establishments.

But not all nurseries are so grim.

Take a deep breath and try to use shorter paragraphs so we can read your posts.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 02-Mar-09 17:22:49

This is almost identical to a post last week, can we not have a little originality?

My advice to you in return - learn to punctuate.

Ewe Mon 02-Mar-09 17:22:51

Sorry you had a bad experience but I don't think it is helpful to say "NEVER SEND YOUR CHILD TO NURSERY".

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