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nurseries in Kent -

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lunarx Sun 10-Apr-05 20:22:14

i was wondering if anyone could recommend any, preferably in the Sevenoaks/Maidstone area, or nearer to Dartford,Essex.

thank you

MrsWood Thu 14-Apr-05 13:46:42

I'm in Maidstone and my dd (21 months) goes to St Peter's Nursery (previously a church) - in St Peter's Street (next to new Wickes store) - we LOVE everything about it and she LOVES it there too - staff are brilliant - in fact, we have some of them doing babysitting for us every so often and are very pleased. Deffinitely recommend it!

lunarx Thu 14-Apr-05 14:52:07

thanks for that, we aren't too far from maidstone.. will make note of them..

MrsWood Thu 14-Apr-05 15:36:08

The only thing is, they don't do half days or whatever, they're open 7am-7pm and you can drop and pick up your child whenever you want but the cost is the same as the whole day. You can, however, specify how many days (if not full 5) you want your child to be there and then the cost is obviously per your arrangement. We pay £685 for 5 days. Hope that helps.

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