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Nurseries in SE1 - Tabard Square vs Coin Street?

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elizabethbob Wed 11-Feb-09 12:52:14

Hi! Does anyone have experience of either of these nurseries? I will need childcare for my DS from Sept when he will be 9 months old. The Bright Sparks at Tabard Square is twice the price for 3 days a week compared with the Coin Street one. I cannot work out why that might be. Does anyone know?! It seems like such a large difference.

PuzzleRocks Thu 12-Feb-09 09:24:48

bumping for you

chandellina Thu 12-Feb-09 16:08:29

Coin Street is a council-run children's centre while Bright Sparks is private and, yes, very expensive.

But you will find that Coin Street has an insane waiting list for under-2s so I don't think you will find it a possibility for September.

They told me the waiting list is running about 18 months. I know someone who got a spot just recently, 11 months after joining the waiting list.

I haven't been to Bright Sparks, but they do seem to be one of the few nurseries in the area with vacancies - presumably because they are charging an arm and a leg.

onceinalifetime Mon 13-Apr-09 12:24:42

Very delayed response and you've probably found something by now. Coin Street isn't council run but it has charitable status and is heavily subsidised. Bright 'Sparks' is actually called Bright Horizons and is part of a large US chain, hence profits are key. There is another nursery, The Arc, at London Bridge which is very well regarded, probably more like Coin Street in ethos, but on a smaller scale. Fees somewhere inbetween the two.

MsSelaDor Wed 07-Jan-15 13:47:17

Just wanted to respond to this for any other mums looking for information about Coin Street Nursery: it's a great nursery and all the staff have gone out of their way to accommodate my son, both in terms of dietary needs and in terms of making him feel safe and comfortable. I recommend them.

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