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DS crying when leaving him at pre-school

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rubynoodles Tue 10-Feb-09 11:29:26

DS is 3yrs old and started Montessori last September and hated it!!

I kept him in for 6 weeks but he cried & cried each time and became so clingy that I could'nt leave him anywhere (even with his grandparents who he was previously fine with)and he got stress excema everywhere so I took him out and gave him a break.

I have just started him at different pre-school and the staff there are lovely and have a settling in policy so I could stay with him ( he was fine with this) but the last week I have stayed for 15 mins then left and he has cried & cried and I feel so bad that I bawl my eyes out when I get home (he acts as though i'm leaving him for good!)

I ring pre-school 20 mins later & usually they say he is fine & has settled but each time we go again he cries & gets so upset and tells me its scary & PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!

DH says I have to keep at it because one day he will need to go to school and it will be worse then if I leave it till then.

Please tell me its gets better its soooo stressful

ZoeC Tue 10-Feb-09 11:31:26

My dd1 was a nightmare to leave at playgroup, but it really was only for my benefit and she was fine by the time I got to the end of the drive. Depends really on whether it eases after the first few times this time. Still time yet before school though, when does he start?

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