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Lanterns nursery docklands

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Asteroid Mon 02-Feb-09 19:33:02

The ofsted reports for Lanterns' nursery in docklands are taken off the web because the nursery recently moved. And ofsted hasn't visited the new place yet. Any feedback/comments regarding Lanterns?
I like both Lanterns and My nursery but I would like hear some feedback before I make a decision.

Many thanks.

cityangel Tue 15-Sep-09 09:20:37

Its looking as if we're going to have to go to the small claims court to get our deposit back. Has anyone had any results going down this route, just hassle we don't need right now.

cityangel Tue 15-Sep-09 09:32:12

I was worried that we were only going on instinct but in fact the Ofsted report re-inforces our concerns

joy36 Tue 03-Nov-09 10:51:07

Message withdrawn

joy36 Tue 03-Nov-09 10:52:15

Message withdrawn

NorkyStrokesMice Tue 03-Nov-09 11:00:24

DS goes to Little Unicorns on Canada Square - he loves it and we're really happy with the standard of care.

My mum went to look round lanterns for me (I was living in New York at the time) and she hated it. Babies left crying unattended, and was allowed to walk around by herself which she was amazed at.

mustincreasebust Thu 05-Nov-09 22:45:36

I really think nurseries given an inadequate rating should be shut down automatically. There should be an agreed minimum acceptable standard of care. My blood boils everytime I think of that place.

joy36 Fri 06-Nov-09 13:00:48

Message withdrawn

Skimummy Fri 06-Nov-09 14:39:59

It's like the nursery operator is working in a world where the internet and mothers groups (among other things) don't exist! There are plenty of other good nurseries in the area...for what it's worth, my DD also goes to Little Unicorn and we are very happy with them.

Hope it works out for everyone!

happy91 Sat 21-Nov-09 23:53:35

Was any1 helpful to you at lanterns during this stressful time or did they just not care.? joy36

Has im tossing up what to do now..!

joy36 Mon 23-Nov-09 14:57:23

Message withdrawn

happy91 Mon 23-Nov-09 19:53:39

Really But When i had a show round looked beautiful and staff seemed lovely especially the receptionist + baby room staff.

joy36 Thu 26-Nov-09 15:01:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joy36 Tue 12-Jan-10 10:28:16

We took Lanterns to the small claims court and got ALL our deposit back and the court fees! It was straightforward and quick.

negrilbaby Tue 12-Jan-10 22:33:37

Have been following this thread for a while and feel I must post.
My DS has been at Lanterns for a year now and following a difficult settling in period is very happy. The settling had more to do with his age than anything else and I sure would have been as difficult elsewhere.
They did get an inadequate from Ofsted but if you read the report there is no criticism on the care the children receive or about the safety of the children. I have shown the report to an early-years specialist and she agreed with me that it wouldn't worry her as a parent. The criticisms were related to non-conformance to Government regulations about curriculum.
All the staff know all the children by name - and the setting is very friendly. There is a very low turn-over of staff.
The changes made since the Ofsted have created a very good environment for the children.
They go out most days to the park or farm - and are not taken for walks around CW on 'leads' as I have seen happen to the children from Little Unicorn.
The school has a regular cook and the children get two cooked meals a day - which my DS loves.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Lanterns to other parents.

joy36 Tue 19-Jan-10 15:03:32

I am happy that Lantern's has worked out for you, but as I have mentioned before -I found my 13month old daughter down a corridor, unattended and therefore at risk. No-one had even noticed her missing! I had numerous problems after this with Lantern's and know quite a few people that have had problems too. I won my small claims case against them.

People can make their own informed choice, but why go to a nursery with an 'inadequate' ofsted report when there are plenty of nurseries that have got much better reports! It may have good care, but education is very important too!! All the other things that they do are standard to most nurseries and nothing special.
The nursery I am in now is amazing compared to Lantern's.

negrilbaby Tue 19-Jan-10 22:30:35

I am well aware that education is important. I have worked in education for the last 20 years and have personal experience of how Ofsted can get it very wrong at times. I have seen a number of schools receive glowing reports that were really not valid and vice versa. Ofsted visit for a very short period of time and can make mistakes.
Not following the Governement dictates on curriculum does not equate to poor education. Ideas on what is 'best' change all the time.
I understand that you and your daughter did not have a good experience at Lanterns but I feel that the thread needed some balance. I am happy with the care and 'education' my son receives as are all the other parents I speak to.
I think it is slightly petty to keep up what seems like a witch-hunt against Lanterns. You said you complained to Ofsted - they will follow that through and take any steps they deem necessary. To date, to the best of my knowledge, none has been taken.

joy36 Wed 20-Jan-10 14:27:29

If you read the threads there are quite a few people( and people I met at Lantern's) that have had a bad experience there. Posting a reply and /or an experience does not equate to a witch hunt or being petty. This is a discussion group and therefore it will obviously have positive and negitive experiences on it.
As I said I am really happy you have had a good experience there as I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we did.
I too have worked in education for 17 years so am perfectly aware of how ofsted operates.
My issues at Lantern's were resolved with the help of early years and the reassurance of ofsted and I would much rather forget the whole distressing experience now, but was just responding to your post.

mustincreasebust Thu 21-Jan-10 17:27:15

negrilbaby, I am happy that you had a good experience but there was no witch hunt going on. The people that posted on this thread including myself were sharing their experiences, some of which was distressing.

littlepanda Fri 29-Jan-10 01:41:05

I have been following this thread. It's been quite informative.

I'm currently looking for a nursery for my DD who is coming up to 2yrs in Feb.

I've got appointments to see Lanterns, my nursery next week.

Anyone with their child in my nursery ? Any experiences would be gratefully received. It's quite new, opened in 2008 and hasn't been inspected yet I don't think. That is all I know so far.

islandmummy Mon 08-Mar-10 18:23:06

I’ve just found this thread after joining mumsnet and noticing the heading about Lanterns in the latest posts in my local area (Tower Hamlets). I thought I would add my experiences for the benefit of other parents reviewing this and deciding where to send their children.

My child is at Lanterns now, and has been going there for a relatively short period of time (weeks rather than months). We were very impressed with the viewing we had last summer. We did notice the “inadequate” Ofsted report at around the time we looked around, and I spoke to the director about it and was satisfied with the response (which was along the lines of negrilbaby’s explanation, i.e. there are differing views on what is “best”). It seemed that the reason for the bad report was the fact that Lanterns operated a timetabled day where children were moved from room to room for different activities (soft play, art, dance and so on), and this didn’t meet the Ofsted guidelines which are based around children making their own choices about what they want to do. However, we liked the timetable system, and so made the decision to sign up anyway.

We have recently made a complaint to Lanterns based on several problems we have observed. The first of these, ironically, is that the timetable system which we were sold on is now not operating – it seems they had to give in to pressure from Ofsted to change the way they worked. At least for the children in the baby room (our only experience), this system no longer operates, and all the activities (except outdoor excursions) take place in one room as far as we can tell – however, to compensate for this, the size of the baby room has doubled as they have taken over what used to be the year 1 room. They now have some soft play equipment, a water tray, sandpit, art & craft table and so on in the new section.

The other problems, as far as we were concerned, were as follows:

- as above, the fact that our child won’t now be moving out of the baby room throughout the day. This includes for eating, as we have observed that only the older children who can walk themselves to the dining room are taken out – the younger ones eat in plastic chairs on the floor in the baby room.
- The food. No snacks are offered (not sure if this is the same for other nurseries?), and the menu has no fruit, except at breakfast apparently (our child eats breakfast at home). No puddings.
- Age range in the baby room. As year 1 is full, there are currently several older children in the baby school (I have heard they will soon be moving up though), and we have observed problems with this, i.e. older children charging around where much younger babies are left on the floor.
- Failure to follow instructions. We have reminded staff not to use wipes on our child on many occasions, yet they still forget and our child has had nappy rash every week since starting as a result.
- Staffing. Again, this may be the case across the board in nurseries. Staff seem to do their paperwork (planning) through the day when they are meant to be caring for the children. The result is that the ratio of staff to children is on a practical level much lower than the required minimum. The ratio isn’t always maintained such as first thing in the morning and at lunchtimes.
- Facilities for giving EBM – no fridge in the baby room (it’s upstairs), so we are not confident the milk is stored effectively. My EBM was overheated on our settling in session.
- Sleeping. Some mothers I know are concerned that the cots are in the main room – this doesn’t bother us. However, the mattresses are saggy, and the babies are put to sleep on their tummies with loose blankets, which is a concern.
- Dummies. We did not “wean” our child off the dummy before starting, but we are concerned at how often it is given. We have also seen that there is a “nursery dummy” which children pick up (and I was told was given to children when they were teething).

We have not had a response to our complaint (made 2 weeks ago). I will let you know what happens, but if these issues are not resolved, we will have no choice but to pull our child out.

joy36 Tue 09-Mar-10 10:47:43

I can't even write on this site the other problems we had there apart from the one that I discussed before about our daughter being left unsupervised down a corridor...if you do decide to leave they will not give you your deposit back as you have to be there 4 months..we therefore went to the small claims court as had written evidence of all our problems with the nursery etc..we won and got all costs and deposit back.

Good luck -I do hope it can work out as it is so traumatic worrying about your precious child when you shouldn't have to be!

joy36 Tue 09-Mar-10 10:49:38

There is no parent forum either, unlike most nurseries, which is a real shame.We asked for this to be set up, but it never was.

joy36 Tue 09-Mar-10 10:54:04

If you do have no joy with resolving the issues which I hope you do get resolved -you can go to Early years to get them sorted -speak to Sharon Gentry she is really helpful (numbers on the net). You could also inform ofsted who will come and investigate to either reassure you or sort the issues out.

Good luck and so sorry -I know how awful and stressful this all is, and am so glad we left Lanterns.

islandmummy Thu 11-Mar-10 16:41:27

Hi joy36

Thanks for your support. I really hope everything can be sorted out, but you're right, it is so stressful. Do you mind me asking what happened to your daughter? You can contact me off-forum if you like.

Still no response to our letter.

Does your daughtergo to another nursery in the area now? It would be good to know somewhere that's recommended in case we do have to leave.

joy36 Fri 12-Mar-10 10:31:03

Will contact you off forum -and explain why as well!! x

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