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Free nursery places and Westminster - need help

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doobydo Thu 08-Jan-09 17:17:47

My DD is 2.5 and I would like her to go to some nursery sessions once she is 3 in the summer. She is already looked after by a nanny who also looks after DS (1). As we will continue to pay the nanny I don't really want to have to pay nursery fees too so was hoping to just have the funded hours for perhaps a couple of days a week. Any idea how I can manage this and if I can find a nursery in the Westminster/Pimlico area that might accomodate this arrangement. It would be mad to pay nursery fees on top of paying a nanny if I dont have to. Also others have told me that I need to start applying now for a place in September. Is that right?

SwedesInACape Thu 08-Jan-09 17:22:37

Westminster LEA look under nursery schools at the bottom of the page I think you will need to be quick as the applications have a closing date.

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