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Active Learning nursery in North Finchley

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LondonLisa Tue 02-Dec-08 17:00:48

I am just wondering if anyone has any information about the new Active Learning nursery next to Waitrose? I have been to the website but am looking for any recommendations or opinions. Thanks.

LondonLisa Thu 04-Dec-08 13:03:48


tryingherbest Tue 13-Jan-09 22:36:10

London Lisa - well their other ones have great reveiws and when they were building I asked for an info pack. However, it's very very expensive.

A friend of ours has put their little one in their and the child is not settling - at all.

Also I was told that as a new nursery all ages would be in one class until they got lots of kids and could seperate classes according to age.

Give them a call and see. It would be perfect for my little one as it's so near our house BUT not at that price and not at this time for us.

shortys Fri 13-Feb-09 11:51:07

My child goes to active learning and is very happy there. They have been there from the beginning and I have no problems at all.

You should visit them and see what you think.

StileMa Tue 09-Jun-09 17:33:22

Hi Shortys. Amazing nursery but I am a bit put off by the principal, Sonia, who seems argumentative and a little unconcerned about winning parents' confidence, and therefore business. The staff seem to lack the warmth I have seen at other nurseries.

Are you still happy with them?

everymum Wed 10-Jun-09 09:57:53

StileMa, I agree with you. When I went to see it I thought the building was amazing but I just didn't feel it was a warm place and was put off by that. Would be really interested to hear what people who have kids there think.

pudding25 Sun 14-Jun-09 23:27:32

If you are looking for a nursery in Finchley, I highly recommned Pentlands in Squires Lane. My DD (1yr) started there in May and I think it is wonderful. The staff are so warm and caring.

shortys Tue 16-Jun-09 14:34:35

My little one is still there and yet again the staff also seem really nice caring and all get one to one. Sonia has always helped me and given me good advice if I need it. I love it.

2004mum Tue 16-Jun-09 16:33:22

Hey all, my little boy goes there and some of my friends chidlren go there too!! We all went on recommendations and took our children out of there old nursery!! We all think its great!! Never had any problems and the staff and Sonia and Kerry are helpful and friendly. I would re visit it, I could not recommend a better nursery in the area and I went to see so many. Good advice, great care and brilliant people! (nick named the "Ferrari Nursery" in Finchley) My second child is going there without a doubt, already on the list for Jan'10 as they are getting busy.
Hope this helps!

shortys Tue 16-Jun-09 17:04:49

Could not agree with you anymore "2004mum". I am actually really shocked that "StileMa" and "everymum" you think that. Everybody always comments on how friendly the team are.

pam2009 Wed 17-Jun-09 10:28:58

Hi all, my child has been going to AL since Jan and i feel so comfortable leaving him there. I think Sonia is very understanding about what is right for the children and in my experience she always puts the childrens needs first and i find this reassuring.

Bernie001 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:31:54

Hi All
I am looking athe Active learning nursery in Finchley to put my little one there from January 2010, he will be 13 months.
are you guys happy with the nursery and is there a high turnover off staff or are they pretty much there all the time?
Also what is hygiene like at the nursery?

would appreciate your comments as I thought it was really nice when I visited but I am hestiting between a good childminder as well


shortys Fri 03-Jul-09 10:54:49

Hi Bernie

My little one is there and is really happy! Never wants to come home!
I have not noticed a high staff turnover, no body leaving but lots of new staff joining as they open new rooms! I am sure Sonia said they were opening a new toddler very soon!
Hygenie wise it always looks and smells clean!

thedudesmummy Mon 20-Sep-10 12:04:11

Hi there,
My LO is due to start at the Active Learning in Finchley in November (just one day a week), anyone got any updated comments on it? He is a tiny little thing and I am quite nervous at sending him to "school"!

everymum Sun 26-Sep-10 19:30:32

Hello! My dd goes there and has done for a year (since she was 11 months). I am very happy with it and always have been. The staff are lovely and they do so much with the kids. You will be fine and so will he - even if settling takes a while for both of you! Good luck.

thedudesmummy Mon 27-Sep-10 12:54:12

Thanks very much for that, it does make me feel better!

Lepidoptera Fri 19-Aug-11 17:06:29

Hello! I realise this post is a bit old, but our DS is going to start at Active Learning in (North) Finchley in ~2 months time when he is close to a year old.

We really liked the nursery and the people we met on our visits. But I am curious to hear what other parents (who have sent their children to Active Learning in Finchley) think/have experienced.


pudding25 Tue 23-Aug-11 09:19:09

I know someone who has a child there and has been there since they were a baby (now 3) and they are very happy with it.

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