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Berwick upon Tweed - playgroups and nurseries

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kdt Thu 13-Nov-08 21:47:39

WE are looking to move to Berwick upon Tweed next year and wondered if anyone can advise me on local paygroups and nurseries in the area. I have three pre- school children with my oldest starting primary school in September next year. Looking forward ot hearing from you, Kirsty

PuzzleRocks Fri 14-Nov-08 10:38:01

Can't help but bumping for you.

Dalrymps Tue 16-Jun-09 11:57:43

Hi there, just found this thread. Not sure about nurseries as I don't use one yet. There is a sure start centre that runs quite a lot of groups where you can meet people. They do casual 'drop ins' and mother and toddler sessions. There is a sports centre that has 'adventure world' which is basically soft play and ball pools, slides etc. The library does a story time/singalong session every other friday. Of course the beach is always good fun and there are a few lovely parks too. When are you moving here?

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