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Loud and crazy room for 3 year old. Time to leave nursery?

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Greatfun Sun 19-Oct-08 00:58:30

DD has been at nursery since she was 6 months and she is now 3. She seems to love nursery and we have always been happy. However, I am starting to have doubts. The pre school room is so loud and full-on. It just feels like the change in staff ratio (1.8? for over 3s from 1:3? for under 3s) is creating chaos. Most of the kids are boys and every time I go in there one of the 2 NN is prising one boy off the other. DD is very irritable when she gets home. I am seriously thinking of taking her out and doing part child minder and part pre school (she gets 2.5 hours per day from local school from Jan). I've never used a child minder before and TBH wasnt keen for various reasons before but this room is just mad. I would hate to be in there all day. Am I being stupid or should I just follow my gut feelings and move her? I could then use the pre school daily and ac hild minder for the 2 days that I work (also have a 1 year old).

Saturn74 Sun 19-Oct-08 01:02:53

If she's been happy up to now, it might be worth raising your concerns with the nursery manager as a first step.
the room doesn't sound well managed at all, and it should be providing for the needs of all the children.
It might be that the rules and boundaries need tightening up, and the problems are solved quite easily.
if you don't get satisfactory answers, and things don't change though, then moving your DD seems like the only option.

Skramble Sun 19-Oct-08 01:06:00

Nursery can be a bit full on especially when they move out of the baby room, even if they encourage naps it can be difficult to get a whole group to sleep. I f it is getting to much for her a childminder might be a better option, the ratio is much less and it is a more homely atmosphere, means the can curl up on the sofa for a sleep if thats what they need or just have some quiet time. Two different nurseries can be far toomuch.

You are not being stupid and like much of motherhood gut feelings are what guide us.

Skramble Sun 19-Oct-08 01:08:20

FWIW dropp of time and pick up time are particularly rowdy in the 3+ room as parents want to chat about things with NN, kids get excited as mum is due soon, but other kids gone, or upset kids at start of day can draw attetion from the whole room, shouldn't be that manic all day.

Greatfun Sun 19-Oct-08 01:21:00

Thanks. I wasnt expecting so many replies at this time of night. I am not working at the moment an dhave only kept her at nursery to keep her place open for when I go back next year. I am going to pick her up at earlier random times next week and see what its like then because perhaps its calmer at other times. There are a few other niggles as well. Such as when I picked her up on friday there was a new NN. The previous one had been moved to a youger group. I dont know if I am being a bit precious but my first thought was for DD as I knew she liked the previous NN and then a bit peeved that the nursery manager hadnt said anything about the NN moving and a new one taking her place. Just felt a bit put out that the new NN had been looking after DD all day and I didnt even know about it (although the other NN in the room is a long standing member of staff). Perhaps I am being a bit unreasonable there. I just dont see how they can be teaching anything in there but maybe this doesnt matter at such a young age. DD doesnt sleep at all now and since increasing her from half days to full days (a month ago) she seems exhausted at the end of the day. She was even hitting DH at bed time which is very unlike her.

Skramble Sun 19-Oct-08 01:28:02

She will be tired if it is full days and she doesn't nap.

Do bring up the niggles with the NNs or the manager. But I wouldn't worry about what she is being taught at her age it is all about experiencing things, playing and being stimulated (but not too much) and feeling safe. She will be learning loads everyday.

BTw I would avoid visiting or picking up at lucnh time, then you will see chaos grin, nah shouldn't be that bad smile, I just remember the nursery where I work with 2yr olds. Cook would send up all the lunches on a tray roasting hot, we would be desperatly trying too cool them while they all got rowdy and restless wanting it NOW!, we did finaly work things out with cook where she would let them cool a bit first grin.

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