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nurseries in Hertford

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sheffmummy Wed 08-Oct-08 19:38:46


I just wondered if anyone had any personal experience of nurseries in Hertford, we're re-locating to the area so dont know anyone local to ask yet. My DS will be 2 in November and will need to go two and a half or three days a week depending on my job. Thanks

rightstart1 Sun 18-Jan-09 20:45:07

Do not know if you found care for your child but I am currently in the process of opening a nursery at Hertford East Train Station. Don't worry it will not be part of the station, and the entrance will be at the back. We will be a small privately owned nursery.
We anticipate to open Aril 2009.

bondgirl77 Fri 30-Jan-09 16:46:17

Hello there! We've just moved to Hertford too (well, I was brought up there so it's more of a relocation for me). My DS has just started at Grasshoppers nursery after a recommedation from a family friend whose son goes there. It's only his second day so hard to tell whether he's settled in or not yet, as he won't eat anything. But I think that's normal for the first few weeks.

Let me know if you find any good toddler groups or fancy meeting up for a coffee!! I'd like to get to know some mums in the area as I only know my parents at the moment which feels a bit claustrophobic...!

Samali Mon 05-Nov-12 20:24:17

Hi, I'm moving to Hertford soon and need to find a nursery for my 2 year old. She will be doing 3 full days. Can anyone recommend one near Hertford North station?


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