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11 month old started nursery - very unsettled

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mummy30 Sun 05-Oct-08 09:15:48

I am due back at work in just over a week and last week we started settling in periods at the nursery. Up until this my baby has always been happy to go to anyone (although i normally have always been in the room). However she has stayed over at both her grans and aunties a few time without any problems at all. However when I left her at the nursery she cried the whole time I was away. She has had 2 visits at the nursery which have both been the same (the second time they said she cried on and off but she was crying when i left and when i picked her up). Since then however she has become very attached. She cries whenever I leave the room and seems quite upset by it all. I have another 3 more settling in sessions before i start back work. Really looking for advice on anything I can do to help the situation or even just other peoples experiences on this? Thanks

mppaw Sun 05-Oct-08 21:09:24

How often will she be going ?

My DD started when she was just 1yr, 1 day a week, and to be honest it took months for her not to cry when dropping her off, but they did say she settled ok after I left.
Hopefully your LO is just trying to get used to it and adjusting to you not being there.
How about a comforter ? A familiar teddy ?
Ask the nursery staff to keep reassuring her.
Am sure she will be fine once adjusted.

In heinsight, I would of done 2 days at nursery as 1 day is not enough and a week is such a long time in their little lives.
Good Luck. wink

spudballoo Sun 05-Oct-08 21:16:39

Oh it's so hard isn't it? Big hug to you {sorry for fluffyness!] because I know how hard it is.

My DS1 started nursery at 10 mths and took a long, long time to not cry when i left him. More than a year. However, he only cried for a couple of minutes and was then happy for the rest of the day. Alas 10/12 mths is the worst time for separation anxiety so it is 'possible' that she will cry when you leave her for a good while. But that doesn't mean that she will cry all the time that you are away! She will quickly get used to it and develop and attachment to her carers (a good thing!)

Ds2 started at 7mths and was initially fine, no crying. But he started crying at about 12 mths when I left him. He's just stopped recently (he's 20 mths). But I know it ws only for a minute or two.

A good nursery will tell you if she's unsettled for longer than is usual.

But I know it's awfully hard for you as her mummy! x

mummy30 Mon 06-Oct-08 11:11:58

She is going 2 days a week and 1 day at my mums. I am hoping the day she is at my mums should be okay as she sees my mum quite a lot. She doesnt have any comforter or teddy that she really likes.

Hopefully it will get better this week when she goes for her settling in visits. I can cope with a few tears when I leave just as long as she isnt crying all day. Its heartbreaking!

sloppykisses Mon 06-Oct-08 13:05:04

i work in a nursery and 9 times out of 10 the children only cry for the first few mins then they calm down and get stuck into playing, weve had one little boy who had the 6 weeks hols off and last week has settled back to normal it took him about 4 weeks to stop crying.

Also all the children cry when mum or dad come to pick them up, so dont worry

Monkeytrousers Mon 06-Oct-08 13:09:04

DS was sent back from nursery bacasue he wouldn;t settle.

mummy30 Mon 06-Oct-08 14:38:04

Thanks sloppykisses thats reassuring to know.

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