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Nursery etiquette _ Birthday cake

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Monkeysmom Tue 01-Mar-05 15:38:45

My ds will be 1 in April. What is the etiquette re. Birthday cakes ? I am planning to take one to the nursery but not sure how big. The nursery has about 30-40 children and one cake will not be enough for all the children. However, my ds is in the "baby room" with only 10 other babies. Shall I give the cake only for the baby room ?
Please help !

northerner Tue 01-Mar-05 15:39:35

Yes - baby room only.

oooggs Tue 01-Mar-05 15:40:18

At DS's nursery they make a cake for the birthday child and parents pay for the ingredients of £3.00 and all the children have it at snack. But there is only 20 of them.

Azure Tue 01-Mar-05 15:42:20

I second that - baby room only. At DS's nursery they cut up the cake for the children to take home rather than have it there, as I don't think they were meant to give food brought by other parents to the children without permission. A cake that's easy to cut would probably go down well with the staff!

lolliepops Tue 01-Mar-05 15:43:01

some schools are funny and they wont give the children the cakes incase it contains nuts!

Marina Tue 01-Mar-05 15:43:34

Baby Room only I'd say, but why not ask your ds' keyworker? Some nurseries like to manage children's birthday treats more than others because of allergy risk/policy on chocolate etc. I think they'll appreciate it.
Ds and his lot made pizza for his 4th birthday at nursery. It looked like roadkill

Pamina3 Tue 01-Mar-05 15:44:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Tue 01-Mar-05 15:44:32

lolliepops, nut allergy can kill in extreme cases, a child in ds' class has it. I can see why they'd be careful in daycare settings, I think it's better that they are.

Bozza Tue 01-Mar-05 15:45:52

Just send in a cake and see what happens. When DS was 1 I made a cake (just a basic 7" choc cake decorated as a hedgeho) intending it to be for the baby room and apparently they managed to make it go all round the nursery. This year (4) I am no longer allowed to make a cake, DS insisted on a spiderman cake from Asda so sent that in. Would say etiquette would be just baby room though.

skerriesmum Tue 01-Mar-05 15:45:55

Just the baby room. My ds just turned 2 and I made mini cupcakes (fairy cakes...) for his creche group, actually easier to make, bring and serve.

lolliepops Tue 01-Mar-05 15:48:12

i do realise nut allergies can kill. i am simply saying most schools wont give the children cakes bought from elswhere for that exact reason.

scotlou Tue 01-Mar-05 16:13:49

I agree you just need one for the baby room - I assume the nursery don't provide it? I know mine does and the leftovers get sent home with the birthday child.

Monkeysmom Tue 01-Mar-05 16:44:06

Thank you everybody. I thought I'll ask if OK first. I'll make sure cake does not contain nuts. However, as some babies are under 1, some parents might not want them to have cake due to sugar content(?). For the Christmas party they asked me if they can give DS jelly & cream.

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 12:30:18

I would say baby room only to.. If the nursery has a no cake policy (because of allergies - although they should have such info because of feeding the children anyway) they could wrap it up to go home with the children.

Sallie Thu 03-Mar-05 17:37:08

Our nursery ask us to bring in shop made birthday cakes - that way they can be sure whats in them

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