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potties and hand washing

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UniS Fri 26-Sep-08 20:42:21

What the system at your LOs nursery? are potty users expected to wash hands after using potty and are hand wash facilities easy to access?
Went to look at 1st of 3 nurseries today and was put off by used potties in 2-3s room and no apparent hand washing after use. I KNOW kids in that room will be potty training, but is it common for no attempt to be made to instill hand washing habit? Also didn't like barriers to access proper toilet.
I will be seeing 2 other places in next two weeks , but just wondered what is common practise. I am aware that my lad is quite young to be a solo toilet user as he is.

merryandmad Fri 26-Sep-08 22:00:58

At my dd's nursery each child has a seperate potty with their name on.

They all go to the toilet together after mealtimes (I have been to collect early and seen 5 lo's sitting round in a circle each on a potty).

This is done in a bathroom off the main rooms (my dd1 is in 3/4 room and dd2 is in 2/3 room and they ach have seperate toilets.

There are also low sinks and toilet cubicles, and a changing station in the bathroom.

They are encouraged to wash and dry their hands afterwards.

They can also go on potty any time as required- they ask dd occasionally as she is just starting potty training.

Rather shcoked at used pottys- do you mean they were full but hadn't been cleaned away ? - eeurrghh!!

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