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what age do they move from baby room to tweenies?

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SoTiredOfTheWheelsOnTheBus Mon 22-Sep-08 13:23:23

DC is 18 months old and is happy at nursery. They've been going there for a couple of days a week for 6 months. When they started we were told that the children stayed in the baby room until they were two, then went into the tweenie room for up to a year, then into the preschool room. They've now said that they want to move DC into the tweenie room soon, and I wondered at what age other nurseries move children out of the baby room?

Ofsted staff to child ratios are 1:3 for children under two and 1:4 for two year olds. Surely having a mixed room with both one and two year olds may cause problems with the ratios (e.g. if there are 8 children in the room and only 2 members of staff, they won't be meeting the ratios for under 2s)?

How have other peoples children managed changing rooms/keyworkers?

KT12 Mon 22-Sep-08 19:36:00

Two years is the norm and yes you need to check on ratios.

giddykipper Mon 22-Sep-08 19:37:30

I think it depends on the nursery - ours is baby room until walking, tweenies until about 2, toddlers until about 3 then pre-school.

SIOBHANB2008 Mon 22-Sep-08 19:40:02

i no about few, one 2years, ones 15m, ones 16m and ones 12m!

SIOBHANB2008 Mon 22-Sep-08 19:40:56

i no about few, one 2years, ones 15m, ones 16m and ones 12m!

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