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Two/three afternoons of nursery a week: better on consecutive days?

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Whoopee Wed 17-Sep-08 00:08:49

I've just found the right nursery for my daughter (hooray), who will be two in October and start with them around her birthday.

I'd like her to go for two or three afternoons a week.

Originally I was going to ask for these afternoons to be regularly spaced out, so that two afternoons would be Tuesday and Thursday, or three Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

However, I wonder if it would be better for her to go on consecutive days.

Do you think it makes a difference to children of that age? Do they appreciate the continuity? Or would a four- or five-day break in between chunks of nursery days be too large a gap every week?

This is my first child and she's never been to nursery, so I have no idea. Very grateful for any advice.

Greatfun Thu 18-Sep-08 21:40:30

My dd goes on tue and fri and its never caused a problem although the nursery advised us to put the days together.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Thu 18-Sep-08 21:49:19

When my child started pre-school at two mornings a week I wanted them to be non-consecutive, so that if she found it hard to settle she at least had a break between sessions and so that she didn't have to give up her existing playgroups (we did an awful lot of playgroups). The pre-school advised us to put the days together, as that (they argued) helps the settling-in.

I think it depends on the child, but non-consecutive days worked fine for us (she was 3 at the time).

midnightexpress Thu 18-Sep-08 21:52:48

Hmm interesting question. I have some experience of both as my two (19 months and nearly 3) were in three mornings a week and have recently moved to a new nursery where they go Mon and Fri mornings and Weds afternoons.

I'm not sure that it makes all that much difference tbh. With consecutive days they'll have a big chunk with you, but on the other hand they'll also have a biggish chunk not with you. Now that the days are split, it somehow feels more part-time than it did before which is not a bad thing necessarily, though I do think it may not be helping ds1 (who had been at the old nursery since he was 10 months old and was v settled)to settle in very easily. DS2 though, who is nearer in age to your dd, has taken the new regime in his stride and seems v happy with it.

If you're going to be working while your DD is in though, consecutive days may be better. I work freelance and am finding it quite hard to work up a head of steam when the days are staggered.

midnightexpress Thu 18-Sep-08 21:55:07

Oh, one other thing that might help you decide. Mon and Fri sessions tend to be quieter (as many parents returning to work p/t prefer to work midweek and get long weekends), so if this is the case and your dd is likely to have problems with a bigger group then it might be worth considering.

sfxmum Thu 18-Sep-08 21:55:50

dd started pre school last this month and she does consecutive days which seems to work fine, she is 3.

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