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Ds not settling at nursery - he's nearly 3 - any ideas please?

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lisalisa Mon 15-Sep-08 13:08:53

He is hte youngest of my 5 hcildren alll of whom have settled in to nursery quite quickly. Ds started last monday. From teh beginning he was a bit bemused/reticent but it has got pregressively worse. He doens't join in wiht their activities ( singing, dancing et ) although he will paint or be read to if he is assured that my au pair is there with him.

Following the advice of the Head ( its a nursery attachd to a primary school) I staryed with him the whole fo the first morning and then half the second morning. After that my au pair took him in and stayed with him . On further advice she has left him for short periods of time during which he has always cried terribly until she returns.

Running out of ideas really.

He just doesn't really want to go. i very muhc want him to as places are at a premium here and being nearly 3 he needs a lot more stimulation and amusement than we can provide. Plus all 4 of my ohter children were in this class and settled and loved it so I'm sure he will eventually.

I don't know whether to go cold turnkey and leave him there crying or whether to keep popping back in and out ..........

bobsyouruncle Mon 15-Sep-08 14:31:35

my ds was like this. Pesonally I wouldn't go cold turkey, some children just take longer than others to settle at nursery. I'd continue with the leaving for short periods until he's happy with that then gradually increase the time he's left, if it were me. I'm sure he will settle in time and happily wave you off! Ds loves nursery now & frequently tells me he's too busy to wave me off!? staff and other parents have commented he's like a different child from the one who sobbed when I left for even 10 minutes. He just needs time to make friends, get to know the routines etc. Good luck!

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