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I like DS's nursery.

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PiccadillyCircus Wed 23-Feb-05 21:12:19

DS is 15 months and today was his last day in the baby room at nursery (next week he moves up into the toddlers room). DH picked him up and when I met them, DS had a card that the other babies had "signed" with their handprints and I was thinking how sweet it was.

Then when we got home and DS took his coat off, I realised he was wearing a top I'd never seen before - and discovered that the nursery workers in the baby room had put their handprints on it. So very lovely .

We are very happy with all the care he has had there so far; it's nice to feel that when DS isn't with us that he is cared for so well .

ThomCat Wed 23-Feb-05 21:13:40

That's so nice.

Chandra Wed 23-Feb-05 21:14:22

Oh! That's lovely!

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