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Power cut caused backout at creche today, how can I make it easier for dd when she goes back next week?

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littleducks Fri 12-Sep-08 19:58:26

...without appearing a loon?

There have been mejor power problems here today, power cuts at home, dh work and the leisure centre with creche dd attends. She was in the creche for her final resettling half hour session, as she had previously attended and then i had to be pulled out of my gym class as she threw a tantrum and got hysterical so we restarted the settling in process. She is two.

Power cut caused lights to fail, except one (possibly fire exit one) so I immediately went to collect her as creche has no natural light and she is going through an afraid of the dark stage atm.

She wasnt crying but i signed her out, of course she then wanted to go back as all the other children got to go into cafe which has large windows.

However i just put her to bed and i think she is fretting a bit now. I suggested she could take a torch next time, but reassured her the lights were fixed now. We had power cut all afternoon but she didnt realise as it was daylight.

I have already missed two sessions of my ggym class, due to not being able to use the creche and can only continue until ds is 6 months so really want to make sure she goes next week and settles, what can i do, should i say?

FabioBigBangBlackHole Sat 13-Sep-08 14:35:32

she wasn't crying and she wanted to stay - I think that's a good sign, isn't it?

can you get a torch and play some games with it at home? pull curtains in a room and makes shadows and see if she can trace around shapes in the room.

put torch in her bag, just in case.

I don't think you'll appear like a

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