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Legend Kindergarten/Chica Chico

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Loulouxr2i Thu 11-Sep-08 20:47:39

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is still having problems with the above 2 excuses for nursery's. Dont get me wrong, I was very happy with the care that was provided for my son, its the excuse for a man that ran (until they went bust)/runs chica chico. It appears they have decided x months down the line that we owe them a lot of money (my son left earlier this year!).
Perhaps we could all rally together to try and get somewhere!! Would love to hear from you all.

stej650 Wed 24-Sep-08 18:06:00

Hi, Yes i'm in in similar situation. i.m on the phone and e-mailing them all the time. you have to apply to the adminstrator of ledgend Stephen Rout to get money owed by them to then pay Chica Chico your outstanding balance. Why we have to do something Rhian King and Nicolas Gibbs should have done in the first place is beyond me!! If you get anywhere please let me know as i will you.

geo76 Fri 26-Sep-08 23:30:21

I also am having problems with both these nurseries and still have not had my deposit of £75 refunded from Legend. Surely there must be some illegal eliment in chica chico closing instantly??

JBMW0108 Sat 27-Sep-08 16:05:07

Me too - have had them suddenly change the hourly rates they want to charge me going back months (bills I'd already settled!), plus one minute refunding what Legend owed me then wiping it again, plus still billing me for care I had to replace because they were closing at 3! Have spoken to Citizen's advice and they have advised - where CC wants to change hourly rates tell them to whistle as there are no legal grounds for doing so - the rate cited on the invoice is the only contract we have with them, also tell them to whistle for any care charged for when they were shut. Re Legend payments, I've told him that I'll pay that bit once Legend pays me back and if he wants it sooner, to sue me through the small claims court. Why we should pay them loads of money we don't owe so that they can p*ss off back to the Spanish sunshine really winds me up! It's so wrong that it's those of us who stuck with him and gave him a second chance that we are now being screwed for our loyalty. Wish I'd never bothered paying my Legend bills!

stej650 Mon 20-Oct-08 18:36:38

I have now spoken directly to Mr Rout (the Legend liquidator) who has advised that all parents who are owed money have an almost 0% chance of getting it back as Legend owed big amounts to the bank and staff which they do not have funds to cover as it is.
Having spoken to Rhian King she disclosed during our conversation that they legally should not have transferred any money owing from Legend to Chica Chico. All she could do is apologise for the position she has put us all in. I have told her(as i'm sure most of you have) that she will not be getting any money unless i get it from Legend.

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